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CALIFORNIA, USA, Sept 8, 2020

Influxive Technologies Pvt. Ltd. has taken new steps in the future of things with Magento development. The world of eCommerce is changing rapidly and massively. Your next competitor can come from anywhere, at any time with a plethora of features and experience. All this without losing sight of internal realities: legacy, timeline, and budget. Influxive can help you do all of this and more.

How is the future?

Influxive is one of the best companies in all technologies related to the future of things: data analytics, the internet of things, and augmented reality app development. By 2021, more than 50 percent of eCommerce sites will deliver a customer experience by integrating technologies that will become part of a complete digital commerce user experience. By 2021, you will need to gather deep analytics and reports to boost your sales. Influxive Technologies will help you in analyzing your top customers, products, and promotions to find new growth opportunities within your business analytics for all eCommerce websites developed in Magento.


B2B businesses are ahead of the game when it comes to marketing automation adoption; 58% have the technology in the plans for their stack, compared to just 51% of B2C brands.  We help you to integrate new era technologies in your Magento-developed websites.


Magento Analytics is Now Magento Business Intelligence – You not only just need transaction records and web traffic data but will also need more business intelligence to find out your most valuable customers with data analytics that gives you detailed reports on:-

  • Where are they coming from?
  • how can you get more of them?
  • How are your marketing and merchandise performing?

You will need to have much faster and more accurate access & information to seamlessly solve and consolidate multiple data sources.


 B2C gets most of the attention in this world when it comes to the Internet of Things (IoT). Having said that, B2B applications accounted for nearly 70% of the value IoT unlocks & advantage of the IoT opportunity. IoT provides you with additional benefits to get closer to customers than ever before. Influxive Technologies, well experienced in the Internet of Things (IoT) helps you to establish the right and impactful structures, processes, and practices to support innovation and digital experimentation.


Augmented Reality (AR) gives merchants a brilliant opportunity to tell their stories by creating deeper connections between our physical and digital worlds. Influxive is the best-augmented reality app development company that helps you in integrating powerful emerging technology called X Reality or Mixed Reality or Augmented Reality. Augmented reality enables you to bring your products to life for all your shoppers. They are further enhanced with technologies of 3D models that bring the virtual world into the real world thereby helping you in increasing sales and giving an immersive shopping experience.

Influxive has well-versed expertise in M-commerce for Magento that is called The Mobile Optimization Initiative (MOI). MOI helps you to understand the gap between mobile and desktop conversion. To remain always on top in the eyes of customers, on google, and in top merchants across the globe, a lot of Magento websites are turning into a variety of digital commerce channels, including direct-to-consumer. Influxive helps you in the implementation of new processes, technologies, and infrastructure for your e-commerce website. It is essential for brands and businesses to grow revenue and remain competitive.

Know More About Influxive Technologies

Influxive Technologies is a well-known Magento development company based in the USA. Our technology experience goes way beyond any other IT strategy consulting company. Since 2004, Influxive has been delivering tailored Magento applications for all clients in the USA. We have accumulated more than 200 man-years of Magento eCommerce Development, Services & Customization.

Contact us:

Address 1: 801 N Brand Blvd # 905, Glendale,

CA 91203, United States

Phone no– +15 169033876

Address 2: We Work, Forum, DLF Cyber City, Phase 3, Sector 24, Gurugram, Haryana

Phone no– 9810005210


Influxive is a recognized leader in producing successful IT solutions through standardized processes and strong client partnerships. Influxive website development solutions engages its clients in various flexible ways using our refined engagement models to manage client requirements that could be one-time or on-going multi-year projects. Service description: You have the right solutions for business success. Influxive web services will help you to maximize your success through a combination of Influxive experts, methodologies, tools, and certified partners – plus a comprehensive portfolio of service offerings. These offerings span all phases of your web services life cycle, from planning to building to running. So you can align your IT and business strategies, get your software up and running fast, and keep it operating at peak levels – ensuring that IT supports your business goals. We try to improve the businesses of our customers with applications that makes it possible to deliver efficient, highly targeted web content, lower operating costs, boost Internet marketing performance and productivity, and enhance competitiveness.

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