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July 29, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

When running a business, it can be immensely helpful to have a strategic partner by your side. In fact, depending on the industry that you find yourself in. It can be hurtful to the longevity of your company to not have such a partner at all. In industries that require the use and acquisition of consumer analytics. Companies that provide real-time intelligence services can be an invaluable addition.

This is where Imagin8 can help, as they provide companies with the ability to use data analytics to examine data almost instantly. In order to provide insights that are up to date and of high accuracy. This is highly beneficial for a number of reasons, namely:

Enhanced Acquisition and Use of Insights For Real-Time Intelligence Services

In any data-driven business, one of the biggest challenges you will come across is how data is being used and acquired. With real-time insights, companies can democratize accurate data, allowing users to feel empowered. When making time-sensitive decisions during the moments that matter the most. Simply put, the faster you can acquire accurate data, the faster your company can flourish.

Critical Issues Are Detected Earlier In Real-Time Intelligence Services

Real-time intelligence can be an incredibly powerful defensive tool against customer dissatisfaction, company failure as well as service downtime. For instance, within the financial industry where complicated models are interconnected. Banks are in need of updated and accurate analytics in order to rework their process of risk detection. To find out precisely what issues are occurring in an efficient manner, such as cyber-related risks and fraud.

Capture Time-Sensitive Opportunities

Although insights that are data-driven can indeed help define the long-term operations of any company. Various opportunities may only be found and acquired when using insights that are gathered in real-time. Such analytics allow companies to know actually how well their marketing ads are performing. In order to make quick choices regarding continuing with their current strategy. Creating a campaign to benefit from certain holidays as well as reducing exposure, just to name a few.

If you are looking for any more information regarding Imagin8. How exactly their services are able to benefit your business? With the services that are on offer as well as the pricing thereof. Then you should not hesitate to reach out by visiting our website.

About Imagin8

Opening its doors in 1994 under the name “Alexander Frances Systems”, Imagin8 first specialized in application development. Namely providing their coveted Broker Administration application named SHIBA. From 2005 onward. Alexander Frances Systems rebranded to Imagin8. This company began to pivot toward providing real-time transactions to hundreds of clients each day. Allowing them to gain vital information regarding vehicle ownership, consumer data and far more.


When running a business, it can be immensely helpful to have a strategic partner by your side.

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