From being The Humble Dumbbell to being the gym heavyweight, the Dumbbell has come a long way


February 18,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) The humble dumbbell has been around for the longest time, training and helping build their bodies into Adonis like sculptures. You can’t have a fitness zone or gym/training facility without a stack of dumbbells lying about neatly stacked in a corner. It is a fact that the first thing that one buys for their home gyms is a pair or set of dumbbells.

The dumbbell has come a long way from being just a fixed iron structure that would rust away after a while causing deep pocket burns. Technological advancements have greatly hammered this humble equipment into perfection, if one were to see the difference you could actually tell the timelines of human advancement.

Fab Floorings India has been Dumbbells Set Manufacturers since 1990 and has been providing the best in class service for other gym equipment for the past 30 plus years. The company has been manufacturing PU dumbbell sets for a global and domestic clientele with a stupendous success rate. Polyurethane or PU as it is generally known is a more popular version of dumbbell these days, although it is slightly more pricier than a Rubber Dumbbell, it still fits the bill and hits all the marks. As a PU dumbbell is more resistant to cosmetic damage like scratches and chips that can occasionally occur on rubber weight products, it is more sought after by commercial facilities as image is everything in a commercial setting. However since a PU dumbbells also comes are odorless and hence a better choice for a domestic setting, the safety angle in both PU and rubber dumbbells is the same although if you have wooden flooring its best to opt for PU products as these not leave stain or equipment placing marks on the floor. Quite a few people are allergic to Rubber too and hence a PU product makes more sense.

PU and Rubber Dumbbells come in a great variety of bright colors and Fab Floorings India’s Dumbbells Set Manufacturers in India is at the top of the game when it comes to making a mixture of colors or making the dumbbells made to order. The advantage of having bright or colorful equipment is that it helps in motivation and also adds to aesthetics of a workout environment. There are many workout zones that now specify a color coding scheme while the place is being built and the company has experts that visit the premises to get a feel of the kind of color a customer is looking for so that the end product adds to the ambience of the area.

The biggest advantage of PU dumbbells is that they are floor friendly i.e. if dropped which is usually the case in commercial environments as heavyweight bodybuilders generally drop the weights after a workout, you can bet that the flooring is safe. Also in case of a general slip of the dumbbell you can rest assured that the flooring is safe. The other added benefit is the no noise factor, both PU and Rubber dumbbells do not cause the irritating clunking sound that you generally get when dumbbells are set on the floor or on the rack and this is especially important if a dumbbell is dropped, it gives a new twist to the phrase ‘ pin drop silence’.

The company also manufactures Fixed Hex Dumbbells and these are all the rage these days. The dumbbell as the name suggests is hexagonal in shape and thus does not roll around once placed on the floor. This is a great advantage for any domestic or commercial fixture as rolling dumbbells cause quite a few safety hazards not to mention the task it is to pick them up and place them on the fitting rack at the end of the day.

The general idea of purchasing dumbbells is that domestic or personal fitness buyers usually buy dumbbells between the range of 10 to 30 kg and commercial buyers do usually buy the 10 to 30 kg range but also the 30 to 100kg range. The difference in weight age is due to the footfall that each place receives and also the monetary factor involved.

So the next time you feel like going out to get the Humble Dumbbell look up Fab Floorings India.


Rubber dumbbells and their benefits along with the safety that they provide from the conventional dumbbells that were in use till about a few years ago.

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