Huarache Sandals Manufacturer Explains The Benefits Of Using Vegetable-Tanned Leather

huarache sandals vegetable tanned leather
December 5, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Oakland, CA  – Brand X Huaraches is a trusted online retailer that specializes in selling artisan-made huarache sandals. These sandals are very different from the cheap, mass-produced huaraches that are sold in stores and online. Specifically, these sandals are handcrafted by artisans in Mexico who’ve been making huaraches for years. Plus, these huaraches are made using vegetable-tanned leather, and this material is beneficial for numerous reasons.

“For one, vegetable tanning is an environmentally-friendly process. Moreover, the workers at tanneries are not exposed to unsafe conditions. Therefore, huaraches that are made using vegetable-tanned leather are sustainable and durable. Plus, this kind of leather is easy to weave, and it molds well to human feet. Mexican natives have been wearing this traditional footwear for centuries, in large part because it’s comfortable, eco-friendly, and stylish.” This coming from a spokesperson for Brand X Huaraches.

Each huarache is handwoven using a single piece of leather. The insoles are stitched to the midsole, as opposed to being glued on. Also, since the footbed molds well to the wearer’s feet, they’re comfortable even if they’ve been worn for hours. “At Brand X Huaraches, we use high-quality Italian leather outsoles to create that classic look while ensuring durability,” the spokesperson adds.

While faux leather huaraches are marketed to be environmentally friendly, they don’t really last long. In fact, tons of faux leather products end up in landfills every year because they’re made poorly. Thus, faux leather huaraches actually do negatively affect the environment.

In comparison, vegetable-tanned leather absorbs perspiration, and it’s been said that these sandals can get better with age. Back in the day, huaraches were passed down from one generation to the next, which is a testament to how durable this footwear can be. And thanks to modern improvements, they’re even better nowadays!

About Brand X Huaraches

Brand X Huaraches is an online seller of handwoven huarache Mexicanos. Founded by Ron Simpson and his wife, Marcela, Brand X Huaraches has been selling handwoven huaraches since 1972. Their sandals are sold online, in upscale boutiques, and at many retailers across America.


This California-based huaraches manufacturer uses vegetable-tanned leather to make their shoes.

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