How Long Does Microneedling Last Answered By Fairfax Botox Clinic

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Fairfax, Virginia (PR Submission Site) 05 July, 2019  – Elume MedSpa, a Fairfax botox clinic, recently released a blog answering the question, “How long does microneedling last?” While each person’s skin is different, microneedling can likely provide long-lasting results that help you look and feel your best.

Microneedling involves using a dermaroller or other device to prick the skin with fine, short needles. This stimulates your skin’s healing response, helping it recover from acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and other imperfections while giving it a plumper look. The response is almost immediate, giving you an instant glow. Microneedling treatments are gentle but should only be completed once per month, giving your skin plenty of time to heal after each one. Thanks to numbing creams, you’ll likely feel little to no pain and can get back to your busy schedule shortly after your treatment.

Microneedling’s effects build up over time, so it’s important to schedule the proper number of treatments to reach your goals. A medical esthetician can help you determine the best program for your needs. Generally speaking, three treatments may be recommended for those looking to boost their collagen production. Scar reduction can take between three and six treatments, depending on your skin and the extent of the damage it has sustained. While your skin will feel softer and healthier the next day, you’ll begin seeing more significant results within one week of your first treatment, with results building following each treatment. Once you’ve completed your full slate of recommended monthly treatments, you should make quarterly appointments to maintain your skin’s appearance. These additional treatments encourage your skin to continue healing and provide you with longer-lasting results in between appointments.

Speak to Fairfax botox clinic Elume MedSpa for more information and to schedule your microneedling treatment. Elume’s specialists can help you determine the best treatment for your needs and recommend a program tailored to your skincare goals. The spa also offers botox, dysport, sclerotherapy, and more to provide clients with a full range of skin treatments. Elume can be contacted online at or by phone at 703-962-1337. The medical spa is located at 3925 Old Lee Highway, Suite 53D, Fairfax, VA 22030.


Elume Medspa, a Fairfax botox clinic, recently released a blog answering the question, "How long does microneedling last?"

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