Himalayan Steps Announces the Launch of Himalayan Trekking Tour Services

Himalayan Steps

Kathmandu, Nepal,February 27, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) — Himalayan Steps, a Nepal-based tour operator that organizes some of the most affordable and awe-inspiring trekking tours across the Himalayas recently launched in September 2018 and has seen an incredible demand for their tours. The company and its friendly local tour guides and porters deliver an unforgettable experience of the world’s tallest mountains.

Himalayan Steps is one of the world’s fastest growing tour operators based out of Kathmandu city, Nepal. Launched in September 2018, the company offers some of the best trekking tours to iconic destinations of the Himalayas in Nepal, India, Tibet, and Bhutan. According to the founder of the company Christian Carella, Himalayan Steps organizes trekking tours to destinations like the Everest Base Camp, Annapurna, Nepal’s Gokyo Lakes, India’s Valley of Flowers, the famous Trekking Teahouses in Nepal, tours of Kathmandu and more.

Since its debut, Himalayan Steps has organized multiple tours for tourists around the world. The company’s unique customer service, customizable tours and affordable packages has endeared it to hundreds of tourists. With its team of knowledgeable and friendly local guides and porters and the company’s affable Operations Manager Ramesh Bhatta, Himalayan Steps takes you through an unforgettable journey in the iconic Himalayas.

Thanks to its exceptional customer service and unbeatable knowledge of the Himalayas, Himalayan Steps has become one of the preferred tour operators in Nepal. Regardless of how far or challenging the terrain, Himalayan Steps’ guides will take you safely to your destination in style. As the company’s popularity soars among local and international clients, the tour operator is committed to providing industry-best services that will satisfy customers and make their trip

Regardless of your budget or schedule, Himalayan Steps has something for everybody. From its 23-day Annapurna circuit, 1-day Kathmandu tour, to the wildly popular 14-day Everest Base Camp trek, Himalayan Steps takes you through some of the most scenic landscapes on the planet at competitive prices. The company’s guides introduce you to the rich Sherpa culture as you discover the tallest mountain peaks in the world.

Himalayan Steps offers a unique way to explore the tallest mountain ranges in the world across the most exotic destinations. Whether you want to see millennia-old monasteries in Tibet, drink from a spring in the peace-loving country of Bhutan, or hike the most picturesque trails in Nepal, the company’s tour guides will take you there safely and on a budget.

Himalayan Steps understand that travelling great distances from different parts of the world to see Everest is a once-in-a-lifetime event for most people, and the company is dedicated to make it one of the most memorable times of your existence. Himalayan Steps achieves this through its unparalleled local knowledge, customer-centric services and a drive to deliver over and beyond your expectations.

For more information about Himalayan Steps tour packages, contact info@himalayansteps.com.

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