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Heat Pump Hot Water
November 8, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Upgrade your outdated hot water system to a highly efficient unit today with Heat Pump Hot Water System. Save $100s on your energy bills, thanks to the New South Wales Energy Savings Scheme (ESS).

Hot Water Upgrade For NSW Homeowners & Businesses

Heat pump water heaters have become an essential part of greening the economy and reduce carbon emissions of residential buildings — which accounts for more than 10% of the total greenhouse gas emissions in Australia. Here in New South Wales, it is reflected in the state government run ESS (Energy Savings Scheme) program and its HEER (Home Energy Efficiency Retrofits) method to calculate the future energy savings (and amount of earth warming gases not emitted into earth atmosphere) if a household or business participated in an energy-efficiency upgrade activity.

Heat Pump Hot Water Upgrades In ESS HEER Scheme

An NSW homeowner/business can apply for hot water upgrade under:

1. Activity D17 (to get your electric resistance water replaced with air source heat pump)

2. Activity D19 (to get your gas resistance water replaced with air source heat pump)

Who Are Eligible For Hot Water Upgrades?

All NSW homeowners and businesses who have an existing electric or gas powered water heater are eligible for heat pump hot water unit rebates under the ESS scheme. Currently, are offering 215L air sourced heat pump water heater for $399 only if an NSW household applies for electric to heat pump water system upgrade.

The business users can avail the upgrade by paying an added fee. Please fill in the required details to let us verify your eligibility for the commercial hot water upgrade. To be eligible for the hot water rebate, the heat pump water heating unit must meet certain conditions listed in the ESS activity definition and HEER method.

How Does Hot Water Upgrade Under ESS Program Work?

Like the free hot water upgrade program in Victoria, participating in an energy-efficiency activity like heat pump hot water upgrade under the ESS program is entirely voluntary, allowing households in NSW to assess the merits of the upgrades and to participate in the upgrades based on their assessment.

Step-By-Step Process Of Availing Heat Pump Hot Water Rebates

1. Find An Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP) Or Supplier

To get started, you need to reach out to an Accredited Certificate Provider (ACP)/supplier approved under ESS program. ACPs/suppliers are businesses that are authorized by the Independent Pricing and Regulatory Tribunal (IPART) to check eligibility of an applicant and to carry out hot water upgrades and create energy savings certificates (ESCs) on behalf of homeowners.

2. Get A Quote And Choose A Heat Pump Hot Water System

The ACP/supplier will assess your eligibility and provide you with a quote based on your daily hot water consumption.

3. Transferring ESC Creation Rights

This allows the ACP/supplier to sell the ESCs in the energy market and use the profits to offset the cost of the upgrade for you.

4. Hot Water System Upgrade

The ACP/supplier will employ qualified and licensed plumbers (and electricians) to ensure that the installation meets ESS and IPART guidelines and product standards. The ACP then sells these energy certificates in the energy markets. The profit generated from the sale helps cover the costs of the upgrade, which allows a NSW homeowner to benefit from discounted/rebated heat pump powered hot water systems.

How To Get The Hot water Upgrade In NSW?

1. Search for an accredited heat pump powered hot water system installer in your area

2. Share the required details

3. The installer will offer you a quote based on your needs and feasibility of installation

4. You can get quotes from different installers to get the best offer.

5. Choose an installer and ask them to install the system at a time that is suitable to you.


Process to get rebates on Heat pump powered system in NSW

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