Gpanion Announces The Latest G-Suite Deals for Basic and Business Plans


(prsubmissionsite) November 21, 2019 – G-suite is an integrated web application created by Google for businesses and organizations. 


Gpanion, a coupon portal particularly for G-Suite, announces the latest G Suite discount Promo Code. They give a Gpanion G-Suite Coupons 20% discount to users all over the world who want to purchase a G-suite package. The packages include Basic, Business, and Enterprise. Each plan has different features, and the users can choose the plans depending on their necessity. To get the coupon code is easy, fill the form by entering the country, email, number of users, and website domain, and click “show me code,” then the Gpanion website will show the code. Gpanion G-Suite Coupons helps the user to get the package at a lower price than the original. It provides flexibility in getting a G-suite package so that it will save expenses more. The code provided by Gpanion can be easily implemented by copying the coupon code provided and clicking the coupon link. Then it will be directed to the website, select the desired package, and make sure paste the coupon code before checkout. 

G-Suite, formerly named Google Apps, is an integrated cloud-based productivity suite that helps users and the team connect and get work done from anywhere on any device. Google Apps includes Gmail, Google Calendar (shared calendar system), Google Drive (online storage and sharing of content), and Google Docs, Sheets & Slides (creation and collaboration of documents). G Suite (Google Suite) is a cloud-based service package that provides a new way to work together online for companies or organizations. Users not only use email and chat, but also through video conferencing, social media, real-time document collaboration, and more. How to join is simple. Just register the G Suite account and provide the desired domain name to use with Google services. After being verified as the domain owner, the user and its team can start using Gmail, Calendar, Drive, and other primary G Suite services, as well as additional services such as Blogger, Hangouts, and other services.

Gpanion provides a G-suite coupon code 2019 that can be enjoyed by users from various countries. A list of countries that can enjoy this discount code can be seen on the Gpanion website. Each country can enjoy a 20% discount off for G-suite Basic and Business. Google offers an affordable price for this G-suite package. Prices start at $6 per month for BASIC packages. It is followed by a BUSINESS package $12 per month and an ENTERPRISE package $25 per month. The prices listed above are valid for one user. Prices can be much cheaper by implied the G-suite coupon code available. 

G-suite has been successfully integrated into thousands of companies and organizations throughout the world. One example is Ewha Hospital. Ewha Hospital is a health institution with a focus on obstetrics and gynecology. This hospital is located in Cheonan City, Korea. Previously Ewha Hospital relied on a local company to host its website and email server. Unfortunately, the server is unstable, and Ewha Hospital often has difficulty emailing servers. To overcome this, the hospital uses g-suite services, namely Gmail, calendar, and document. Implementation of the Gmail and other g-suite service allows staff to maximize the use of their company email, employees become more organized with the use of Documents and Calendars, reduced scheduling conflicts due to operating room reservations with the use of Google Calendar, and Internal communication among employees has increased by up to 40%.

“We are pleased with how Google Apps has really helped us facilitate clearer communication between employees. We hope to expand further the use of Google Apps, such as conducting patient satisfaction surveys using Google Forms. Our goal is to continue to improve the entire hospital management to better serve our patients, and Google Apps is able to make us a world-class healthcare institution. We are very excited to see other benefits we can get if we continue to use Google Apps.”– Mr. DK Han, head of the management support team at Ewha Hospital. 

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Gpanion is a cloud-based application, especially for G-suite. G-suite is a suite of web applications created by Google for businesses and organizations. In addition to companies and organizations, G-suite also has service for education and nonprofit purposes. For more information about gpanion discount code and g-suite, feel free to visit



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G-suite is an integrated web application created by Google for businesses and organizations.

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