GoParties launches advanced Seat Map solution for Events

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GoParties launches advanced Seat Map solution for Events


(prsubmissionsite) November 11, 2019 –With an aim to provide full tech enabled event management platform, Goparties launches Flexi seat map to empower Event organizers to showcase their venue setup and at the same time presenting the actual setup to the guest to help them select the best-suited seats. GoParties®️ being awarded as the Best Emerging Entertainment Tech Company for providing entertainment solutions/customer acquisition solutions to venues by PM Modi / Ms. Ivanka Trump at Global Entrepreneurship Summit, 2017 , constantly aims at bringing innovative tech solutions to ease out event organizing processes.  With features like GRE (Guest Relation Executive) App, Events/ Venue Organizers App, Automated feedback loop, Advance collection, Automated Artist quotes mailing, Artist booking for Venue organizers, Venue booking GoParties have been able to provide a complete solution for event organizers and venue owner. Goparties eventually is becoming one stop solution for all event organizing needs.


Why Fexi Seat map?

Tech-enabled seat map has been a real pain for both organizers and guests when it comes to creation of actual event layout keeping inline with venue layout. It is really challenging to provide a seat map solution that provides the real feel of event layout and at the same time it is easy and convenient for a non tech event organizer to create. Seat map exhibiting the actual event layout is something that is needed  by the guest who is doing online booking to select the best available seats. It helps in enhancing consumer satisfaction and prevent last moment chaos and booking cancellation at the event. Due to vast event booking and organising experience, Goparties decided to launch a seat map solution that provides a clear insight of the event setup to the guest booking online and convenient for event organisers to create.


Flexi Seat map By GoParties 

After filtering past experiences, analyzing needs and several dev/requirements iterations, Goparties finally devised an advanced seat solution appropriate for both event organizers and online guests doing a booking. Following were the key requirements

  1. Ease of Seat map Creation

  2. Flexible seat layout support

  3. Custom venue layout Support

  4. Specific pricing plan allocation to respective seat groups

  5. Table and Specific seat booking enablement

  6. Color-coding support

  7. Custom seat ID support 

  8. Prop support.

So as to cater to all these requirements a solution was designed whereby event organizers could easily create/replicate their venue/event layout by simply dragging and dropping the shapes from the shapes panel. Apart from drag/drop and delete, solution also enables them to scale and rotate their shapes to reprint their event layout along with appropriate labeling. The system provides the functionality to attach a custom pricing plan to seat groups for better monetization. 


With advanced Seat map solution Goparties aimed to emancipate event organizers and amplify customer booking experience. With many more features and plans in the pipeline, Goparties endeavors to revolutionize the event industry would definitely bring positive growth to the industry.       






GoParties new functionality launch to support event industry.

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