Gokaddal – World’s First Digital Solutions Exchange cloud launched

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(prsubmissionsite) March 13, 2020 – Gokaddal, world’s first Digital Solutions Exchange in the cloud has been launched.  www.gokaddal.com is a one of its kind Solutions Aggregator, Marketplace and Cloud delivery platform with focus on 4A’sAutomation, Artificial Intelligence, Analytics and Augmentative Technologies. Gokaddal is going to revolutionize the way Digital Solutions are Sourced, Delivered and Managed. A Cloud based, Solutions Exchange Platform which is waiting to disrupt the market. Gokaddal is created to help Solution Seekers (customers) realize their Digital Transformation Vision, by bringing to them Right Solutions with Right Tools & Right Providers.

Gokaddal Technologies is a Dubai Sillicon Oasis, Dubai based emerging Technology startup. Gokaddal is led by well-known Digital Disrupter & Industry expert, Ravinder Pal Singh, Ex Cisco and Dell Executive.  Commenting on this milestone, Ravinder said “Digital Disruption is in its 3rd phase (Digital Disruption 3.0). We are no longer constrained by Connectivity, Bandwidth or adoption shyness for Digital Transformation. AI, Robotics, Drones and IOT is now an accepted and agreed domains. Every company and enterprise is adopting Digital transformation, as non-adoption might have serious repercussion even leading to business closures.  One big challenge customers face today is availability and access to Digital Solutions. Solution Providers especially new age companies and start-ups across the globe are struggling to find geographies whereas enterprises are finding it difficult to reach Right solution providers.  There is currently no such platform or exchange of such solutions neither is there any mechanism to connect such Providers and Seekers of Digital Transformation Solutions”.

Gokaddal offers a subscription-based model for Solution Providers with a special offering for Start-ups and SME solution companies.  Gokaddal helps these solution providers reach new markets across Middle East, Africa, Latin, Eastern Europe and South Asia. Gokaddal has invested into Go-To-Market, aggressive Online and offline marketing and business development.  “Globally, Disruptive technology market is pegged at $ 1 Tn in next 4-5 years. India, Mid East, Latin, East Europian developing nations has some very innovative solutions, many of them from start-ups and small companies . However, these providers do not have bandwidth and reach to global markets.  Gokaddal provides them with an easy medium to reach global customers. We aim to have a small fraction of this global market via Gokaddal thus creating a new and significant revenue base for these solution providers”.

For Solution seekers, Gokaddal provides features like Solution search, compare, use EOI/Bidding process to select the right solution in right budget. For Solution providers, it offers access to customer queries, EOI/bids, offer special offerings and participate in solution events to showcase its capabilities.

Gokaddal has some innovative solutions already onboarded on its exchange, including Data Analytics as a platform, Smart Cities eGov tracking application, Digital Healthcare Diagnostic as a Service, IoT based Smart Water Management & Cyber Assessment for digital world.

As a special launch offer, Gokaddal is offering up to 50% discount on its annual subscription for Start-ups, SME and Small solution providers.


A combination of Digital Solutions Aggregator, Solutions Marketplace and Cloud delivery platform, Gokaddal connects Solution Providers with Solution Seekers & Solution Integrators across the globe.

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