“Go your own way” PGA Golf Coach Advices To Be Successful Golfer

Fleetwood Mac

“Turns out – Fleetwood Mac might be right. Maybe we should go our own way.” Jak hamblett. PGA Golf Coach.


Jak hamblett, a PGA Golf Coach stated, “As a rookie coach I was (like many other coaches) guilty. Guilty of coaching a golfing method. This method mainly derives from the PGA Coaching manual. Don’t get me wrong, this manual serves a great purpose. It explains fundamental things like how to grip the club, where to position your feet, where to position the ball in relation to your feet and has many useful guides as to “how to play golf.”

As an experienced coach, nowadays I use this manual as guide, but mainly for beginners. Why? Because I watch TV and see the guys making millions (some billions) of cash not sticking to the manual (and even in some cases doing the opposite) of what the coaching manual says, “we should” do.These guides are just that – A guide to give us a good foundation to work from if we are starting golf as a blank canvas.

When we watch the best players in the world, we see lots of different body shapes, lots of different set ups, lots of different swings and lots of different styles. All of them unique. So, if this manual was the building blocks for good golf, then the worlds best players would all look alike. But they don’t???

(I would like to think when they first started out, a PGA Golf Coach helped them and used his PGA Coaching guide knowledge to offer these future stars a good staring point. But obviously this won’t always be the case.)

The golfers who are global phenomenon’s, have, just, simply, found a way.They have their own style that works for them. No two swings are the same. So surely there is no secret, no set “guide” to be a successful golfer.To be successful in golf (whatever your ability and your goals are) we just need to understand what we do well. What we can get away with. What we can’t get away with and, what we can do that will help.So – If you want to be a successful golfer: Remember the words of Fleetwood Mac & “Go your own way.”

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“Turns out – Fleetwood Mac might be right. Maybe we should go our own way.” Jak hamblett. PGA Golf Coach.

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