GLOBAL POLYAMIDE 6 Market Sales- Demand Supply- Segments- Growth- Drivers and 2025 Forecast Report


(prsubmissionsite) November 11, 2019 –Prismane Consulting estimates the global Polyamide 6 market demand to be around 5700 KT in 2016 of which China accounted for around 40% of the consumption. Textiles & Apparelsconsume a major share (around 56%) of PA 6 in the country. Automotive and electrical & electronics are expected to drive the demand for polyamides owing to increase in usagefor weight reduction and ease of processing. Polyamides are used in production of air-intakemanifold, valves, oil supply components and air systems. Automotive production declined between 2008 and 2009 on account of economic recession affecting the polyamides industry. Demand for most markets for engineering plastics like Polyamides are greatly influenced bygeneraleconomic conditions.

As a result, demand for Polyamides 6 largely follows the patterns of the leading world economies and end-user sectors.In 2016, China imported 412 kilo tons of PA 6 market  which was estimated to be 35 kilo tons less compared to its previous year. The country’s focus towards self-sufficiency has seen an increase in domestic production by an average of 11% and decrease in imports of around 13% since last 3 years. PA 6 capacity in China was around 850 kilo tons in 2005 while the current capacity is estimated to be about 2900 kilo tons. PA 6 production in China has grown more than thrice of that in 2005 with operating rates averaging 64%.

Polyamide 6 is a semi-crystalline polymer which is commonly called asNylon 6.  Polyamide 6 is available in different grades such as UnfilledResin, Glass Filled Resin, Fiber Reinforced Resin and Co-polyamide Resin whichenhances the property of polyamide. Polyamides have a combination of mechanical& electrical properties which makes it useful in Engineering PlasticsApplications as well as Fiber applications. There are different types ofPolyamides which are classified according to the composition of main chain.Synthetic polyamides can be classified in three main categories- Aliphatic,Poly-pthalamides and Aromatic Polyamides. Polyamide 6 comes under category ofAliphatic Polyamides which is manufactured by polymerisation of Caprolactum.

Globally the Polyamide 6 industry is witnessing a moderate growth onaccount of growing demand in China and other developing regions. Prismaneconsulting estimates the world Polyamide 6 demand to be around 5700 KT in 2016.It was analyzed that China contributed around 40% of world Polyamide 6 demandin 2016. Major realignments can be seen in Polyamide 6 industry with MajorEuropean Players reducing its Caprolactum producing capacities in USA andGermany to gain strategic advantage over its competitors and to saleCaprolactum and Polyamide 6 with higher margins. Polyamide 6 serves end-useindustries such as Textiles & Apparels, Home Furnishings, Flexible Packing,Automotive, Electrical & Electronics, Industrial, Consumer Goods, Alloysand Others. The market for Polyamide 6 in terms of volume is estimated towitness growth at a CAGR of around 3% over the period of 2017 to 2025

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