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G7 Clothing(prsubmissionsite) November 11, 2019 – is one of the oldest and most trusted Commercial Road wholesalers right now. They provide products mainly to a large number of boutique shops in the whole United Kingdom, as well as some in Europe.

This wholesaler is dedicated to offering high-quality clothing products for women, with a large majority manufactured in Italy. Their items come at multiple colourways and styles, allowing customers to have a huge number of options to choose from. They ensure all of the products they acquire are made of the most excellent materials and underwent a strict quality control process. This way, they are able to ensure that their available clothes can offer utmost comfort and last for a long time. So whether customers are looking for the best trousers, skirts, dresses, jumpsuits, ponchos, or any kind of women’s clothing, this wholesaler can truly deliver excellent bulk orders of them.

G7 Clothing sells items from various brands, such as Sugarbabe, Laetitia Mem, C Valentyne, and a lot more. By supplying products only from the most trustworthy names in the clothing industry, they can guarantee clients that any order placed with them would be truly worthwhile and cost-effective. On top of this, they usually feature their clothing collections on their website depending on the season, allowing them to easily garner the interest of everyone depending on the current trends.

For the further convenience of their clients, this wholesaler also offers next-day deliveries for only £10 per 30kg box. Through this service, clients are given assurance that they are getting their orders as quickly as possible and without complications. Just take note that the rate mentioned here is subject to change and may be altered in the future even without prior notice.

G7 ( Clothing has managed to satisfy the needs of their clients no matter how unique or large their orders may be. Due to the versatility of this wholesaler and their excellent clothing products, they are able to improve their offers continuously while aiming to provide better clothing items in the years to come.

To learn more about the available products and services of G7 Clothing, kindly head over to their official website at right now.

About G7 Clothing:

Established way back in 1983, G7 Clothing is a wholesaler that deals mostly with exquisite clothing for ladies. Through their high-quality products, accurate delivery service, and reliable customer support, they have become one of the most trustworthy wholesale clothing providers in Commercial Road. For interested parties who want to purchase from them, all written questions and concerns may be sent at by filling out their contact form. Alternatively, messages can be sent thru email at To speak with a representative, you may call 020 7702 8002 (landline) or 07484929448 (WhatsApp).


Established way back in 1983, G7 Clothing is a wholesaler that deals mostly with exquisite clothing for ladies.

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