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December 19, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Pearl Software gives you all the solutions for each of your internet filtering software needs. With the increasing need for business owners to ensure that all company information remains absolutely secure, web filtering software and the very best employee monitoring software isn’t an extra—it’s vital.

Consider how much critical company data could fly out of the electronic doors through all the many internet programs that pass through your network portals. After all, it seems like every week you hear of yet another massive corporation announcing a vast and damaging security breach. Wouldn’t it be great to have a way to monitor all that information and even prevent the exodus of that data? That’s where Pearl filtering and control software comes into play. Our web filtering software for business ensures increased productive by allowing onlyadministrator-approved websites to be displayed. It also controls what information leaves your business.

Business security threats are internal and external. Internally, employees may inadvertently disclose restricted date they have access to. Also internally are threats from employees who chose to reveal data for gain. Pearl Software internet monitoring packages shut down these risks. Externally, bad actors may try to gain information through social hacking. Again, Pearl Software is the best cybersecurity solution for stopping data breaches before they ever happen.

Pearl Software uses the latest, most advanced filtering algorithms to deliver the very best cybersecurity software and web monitoring filtering software. Our software makes sure employees can use the internet to get their work done efficiently and productively while keeping all private company information secure. Our Skype chat monitoring software for business makes sure that employees cannot divulge company secured data in any way. It even prevents screenshots from being transmitted.

Although employees do need to be able to communicate through the internet, you as the business owner must comply with company and legal guidelines to guard data. Our top cybersecurity products for business web filtering, Skype IM and chat monitoring software gives you both unparalleled broad control over your employees’ internet behaviors and also gives fine granularity over that control.

With Pearl Software for business internet filtering and internet monitoring packages installed on your systems, you are assured of company-wide security and accountability.

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If your company needs internet filtering software, look no further than Pearl Software for all of your employee monitoring needs. Call us today!

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