GD Supplies Launches Resale Marketplace for Canaan Miner

January 11, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Today, the demand for solo mining is increasing at a speedy rate. More miners are choosing this option to increase their yearly profits. GD Supplies has now started a resale marketplace for Canaan Avalon Miner to fulfil the increasing demands of miners. This marketplace will offer the different models of the Canaan brand to the miners located in different parts of the globe.

Various Products Available

On the launch of this resale marketplace, the CEO of GD Supplies said, “Our Company supplies some of the best mining products of excellent brands. Now, we have launched a resale marketplace to offer the best products of Canaan. On the online marketplace, you will get a wide range of products that fulfill your requirements of cryptocurrency mining.”

CEO further talked about the various products available on this online store and said, “We have included every type of miner from Canaan brand on our online marketplace. Our Crypto Mining Hardware is tested and checked by some of the best engineers. We provide various models of the Canaan brand such as Canaan AvalonMiner 1246, Canaan AvalonMiner 1166 Pro, Avalon Immersion Cooling Miner A1246I, and others.

Customers Get Several Benefits

Our products are made of solid and tested components. They continue to work for a long time and also give the best performance. Without the hassle of servicing and maintenance, our miners are easy to use for mining different kinds of coins. They can work in any weather as they contain high-grade components. We provide the most affordable miners in the town.

Our products are easy to install and use daily. Customers who choose our products get several benefits such as quick delivery, low prices, attractive discounts, and a money-back guarantee. We are glad to take this step to bring a positive change in the mining market and increase profits of the miners day by day.”

About GD Supplies

GD Supplies is a leading supplier of ASIC Miners in the world. For many years, the company has offered the best products for mining the various coins. It offers accurate service to every customer. The company is expanding its operations in many countries of the world. It aims to become the top supplier of mining equipment in the next few years.


This company provides different types of customised mining products to the miners. It offers the best-grade after-sales service to the customers and fulfils their demands.

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