Monetizing Your Game on Nostra: Exploring Various Revenue Streams For Game Developers

December 28, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Nostra offers users the opportunity to explore, play, watch, study, and compete through a rich array of gaming experiences, such as immediate, online, live, and gaming tournaments. To a large extent, Nostra has changed the mobile gaming scene by becoming the largest gaming platform in Southeast Asia and India. The company has been aggressively offering customers an immersive gaming experience by curating a range of great games across several categories, and it currently has 75 million active monthly users.

Nostra Provides Its Users The Chance to Discover And Play Games

Nostra brought games to Glance’s “smart” lock screen, giving users the chance to discover and play games. When the platform first started, the library only had forty games, but the reaction was incredible. Nearly half a million people were playing games every day. The ability to play without having to download different games and the comfort of playing on lock screens were two features that users especially valued. These insights and user input helped to shape the Nostra.

Journey of Nostra From 75 Million Monthly Active Users (MAU) to Present Expansion

These days, Nostra offers a wide range of gaming experiences that let players explore and play games whenever they want. Also, it takes advantage of game streaming, and takes part in live tournaments. Additionally, it allows you to Monetize Your Game on Nostra. It boasted 75 million active monthly users as of 2022, with an almost equal gender split (53% males and 47% women). The fact that 73% of our users are from non-metropolitan areas is even more impressive and shows how appealing our platform is to a wide audience. Nostra offers equally impressive numbers regarding user engagement.

Six months later, half of Nostra’s new members are still actively using the platform, and among those who have stayed, first-month retention has increased by 80%. Nostra offers Game monetization to more than 500 games in 15 fascinating categories, so there’s something for everyone. The categories that users are most interested in are strategy (30%). Around the world, there are a lot of games being produced every day (more than 700), and 90% of users remove a game from their system after just thirty days. These statistics provide a serious challenge for game creators trying to draw and keep players. Nostra has overcome the constraints of the traditional app model by creating a novel approach to these problems by rethinking user networks and engagement.

Nostra Provides Developers The Ability to Gain 10x Reach And Engagement

Game developers may instantly reach a large user base of over 230 million active users across important gaming regions like Indonesia and India by launching their games on Nostra’s platform. Nostra is unique because of its cutting-edge technology stack and innovative strategy to monetize free games. It enables developers to achieve over ten times the reach and engagement of typical app downloads. Nostra also offers a unique and engaging gaming experience that captivates consumers and maintains their interest over time by implementing smart interventions throughout the user journey.

Advantages For Streamers Who Choose Nostra as Their Gaming Platform

Nostra currently has 35 active streamers, which guarantees a 50–50 gender representation to give our viewers a diverse and inclusive viewing experience. Our objective is to double the number of streamers we have by December 2023 and to add at least 50 more skilled people to our platform to enhance the streaming content. We also plan to work with well-known foreign game streamers who will perform for the Indian audience on Nostra.

In addition, it has a strong commitment to developing esports in India. Its goal is to provide fans Game monetization with access to top-notch competitive gaming activity by streaming most esports competitions held in India on the Nostra platform. To introduce LIVE experiences to some game creators’ games, they are also running a trial initiative with them. Developers will be able to easily incorporate live streaming features into their games as a result, allowing players to broadcast live from within the game and instantly share in-game material across several platforms.

Game developers may boost player engagement, improve the amount of time players spend playing and viewing, and ultimately raise their income streams by putting this technology into practice. Furthermore, the live streaming function educates players about various game scenarios and builds a devoted and connected gaming community.


Nostra formed collaboration with leading global and Indian event organizers. It offers to guarantee that consumers can access the newest eSports activity straight on their mobile lock screens. These days, Nostra broadcasts live coverage of every Indian tournament, providing in-depth insight into the gaming industry. Because of the nation’s heavy reliance on BGMI last year, Nostra quickly adjusted by presenting competitions for other well-liked games, such as FIFA, CS: GO, Valorant, and Pokémon Unite. These events attracted a sizable audience, proving that people are interested in competitive gaming outside of BGMI and broadening the platform’s appeal.


Nostra has changed the mobile gaming scene by becoming the largest gaming platform in Southeast Asia and India.

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