Founder and Owner of Rooter Hero Plumbing, John Akhoian Launches His New Book ‘Values First’

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Mission Hills, California (prsubmissionsite) October 24, 2019 – ‘Values’ are an integral part of any organization and helps each employees working towards a common goal and share a bigger purpose. If your company needs core-value inspiration, ‘Values First’ is the must-read for you and your employees.

John Akhoian says, “We read these values before every meeting, which is a good practice, but it isn’t enough. I don’t do a good enough job of examining and discussing these values with my team. It is my hope this book will remedy some of that. When we live these principles, everyone associated with our company wins.”

The author of the book, John Akhoian, believes this book enlightens everyone to become a better person and lead a happier life. In his book, he highlights five core values – faith, integrity, respect, service, and teamwork – that create a successful and motivating workplace.

“These values tie into all the teaching we do. It is a compass that lets us know we’ve strayed a little bit and we need to get back on track because we’re not heading for true north,” explained John, the owner of Rooter Hero Plumbing.

He also added, “Creating values and living by the principle brings progress in someone’s life. The values are important to us because they attract the people who are going to take care of our customers and treat our coworkers with respect and honesty.”

In his book ‘Values First,’ he shares few of his real-life incidents and quotes them as examples to remind people how the core values such as faith, integrity, respect, service, and teamwork help us to get back on track and lead to success.

“The subtitle of this book is “Principle-Driven Leadership.” It is my sincere goal to lead Rooter Hero by the principles and values I profess in this book. I also hope that the leadership of Rooter Hero will take these values to heart and lead, not by words but by actions,” concluded John.

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John Akhoian, the founder and owner of Rooter Hero Plumbing, has launched his new book ‘Values First’ in an attempt to help people receive the long-term benefits of holding on to true values and understanding what they stand for.

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