Power Graphics Offers Eye-Catching Custom Floor Decals at Competitive Prices

Floor Decals
February 13, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Power Graphics Digital Imaging Inc., a renowned printing and visual solutions provider, offers captivating floor decals and floor graphics at fair prices. With a commitment to helping businesses affordably maximize their advertising potential, Power Graphics is set to transform brand visibility with its innovative offerings.

Cost-Effective Advertising Solution

Floor decals are an excellent marketing and advertising solution suitable for promotional events, retail spaces, large commercial settings, or directional signage. These attractive and creative floor decals effectively draw attention and enhance branding opportunities. The CEO of Power Graphics said, “With the introduction of our custom floor decals, we aim to provide businesses with a visually compelling and cost-effective advertising solution.

We understand the importance of creating impactful brand experiences, and our decals offer an effective way to engage customers and drive foot traffic.” Power Graphics offers various floor decal materials suitable for multiple flooring surfaces, including tile, concrete, hardwood, carpet, and smooth surfaces. These versatile floor graphics can also be repositioned, removed, and reused. Plus, most of their floor graphics and decals are slip-resistant, scratch-resistant, and scuff-resistant, making them withstand heavy foot traffic.

Quality Floor Graphics

“Our floor graphics and floor decals allow you to incorporate logos, slogans, and unique designs based on your branding strategies. We never compromise on quality. Regular decals may not withstand heavy traffic and chemical cleaning. We use quality materials that hold out against all these challenges. Plus, we have a lineup of floor graphics materials for different lengths of use and various flooring surfaces. They provide a stronghold and allow you to remove them easily without leaving residue or damaging the floor.

Plus, our floor graphics are reasonably priced. You can compare the costs of other brands, and you’ll be surprised to see the difference,” adds the CEO. In addition to providing quality floor graphics at lower prices, Power Graphics offers quantity discounts based on the square footage purchased. Customers purchasing large floor decals, banner stands, or real estate sign posts get substantial savings. Furthermore, all orders are delivered within four working days, ensuring prompt service and customer satisfaction.

About Power Graphics

Power Graphics Digital Imaging Inc. is a well-known company specializing in printing and promotional displays. Their product range includes banner stands, outdoor signs, floor graphics, photo and fine art printing, and more.


Power Graphics uses different printing materials than other companies, including vinyl and non-vinyl options, to cater to the needs of their customers.

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