FlexKeeper Adds Tax Preparation and Business Financial Services Under Its Umbrella

December 4, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

For most small business owners, tax season can oftentimes feel like a daunting task. From analyzing financial statements to filling out numerous forms, the process can be time-consuming and stressful. Likewise, as a W2 employee, many individuals face the yearly challenge of having to file taxes in a timely and accurate manner before the deadline. For years our clients have trusted FlexKeeper tax preparation engagements to Jason Plett, CPA.

However, earlier this year, Mr. Plett stepped out of his corporate job to join the FlexKeeper staff and we couldn’t be more excited about the expanded offerings of the company. You will still get the same outstanding services only under a different name, with a full suite of other business options available to you.

Professional and Reliable Service

FlexKeeper’s Tax Preparation is a value-added offering available to all clients. Our tax professionals are trained to navigate the complexities of small business and personal taxes, ensuring clients get the best possible outcome. Additionally, our team stays up to date with the latest tax laws and regulations to protect clients from any unforeseen issues. By taking this stress out of the equation, small business owners can focus more on their business and growth opportunities.

Cost-Effective Options

One of the most significant benefits of FlexKeeper’s Tax Services is their cost-effective options. Our clients can choose the package that best suits their needs, with transparent pricing and no hidden fees. This allows our clients to save time, money, and resources that can be allocated to essential business or personal investments. Our company also offers a wide range of tax planning services that can reduce tax liabilities, empowering you to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Business Financial Management

In addition to tax preparation, FlexKeeper offers a slew of other business support services. Our popular Business Financial Management services assist business owners with advanced financial reports and consulting to help your business flourish. With planning insights into their financials, our clients can make informed business decisions that will lead to growth and success.

Bookkeeping and Accounting

FlexKeeper’s Bookkeeping and Accounting services are designed to provide small business owners with accurate and timely financial information. Our skilled financial professionals keep your records organized so all the reporting documents are at your fingertips. Proper bookkeeping and accounting are essential to identify financial trends, increase profit margins, reduce expenses, and allocate reinvestments to support business growth.

Administrative Support

Finally, FlexKeeper offers a wide range of administrative support services that help business owners reduce their workload in a variety of areas. From email and calendar management to payroll and collections, our virtual admins give small business owners peace of mind knowing their administrative tasks are taken care of. This eliminates the need to hire more employees as your business responsibilities grow. The workflow solutions we implement will free up time and resources that can be allocated to growing your business and focusing on what matters most.

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The full suite of FlexKeeper’s extensive business offerings is a comprehensive solution for small business owners and individuals. By taking the stress out of taxes, financial management, bookkeeping, accounting, and administrative support, our clients can spend more enjoying what they love most. With our commitment to providing professional and reliable service, cost-effective options, and innovative solutions, it’s clear to see how FlexKeeper can be a great partner for you and your business. We look forward to the opportunity of working with you soon!

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