Fix Your Golf Slice for Better Scores and Have More Fun, Too


Golf is a magnificent game. Players enjoy the outdoor scenery, obtain good exercise, socialize with friends, and test their skills. Yet as sports author John Feinstein states, it can also be a good walk, spoiled. Spoiling occurs from slicing the shot into the weeds, forests, and lakes only to escalate scores and feel embarrassed.

Fixing It

Purchasing another video or signing up for lessons are options. Yet, these remedies are often time-consuming or expensive. The Stykeitpro device can:

  • Correct the chronic pull slice to hit longer shots
  • Improve the clubhead path to stay in the fairway
  • Hallow out the swing angle for greater consistency
  • Practicing occurs outdoors or inside during cold weather

The device is small and compact with a quick set-up in minutes in your den, office, or yard.  You can work on your swing whenever you have a spare moment.

A flappable, simulated official-size golf ball is included. Nothing goes flying, so you can use
it anywhere inside and out without chasing balls or bending to place balls on the tee after each shot.

You obtain this slice-correcting system for the price of a green fee or two!

How To

Here are the Easy Steps

  1. Place the device into the ground at a 40 to 45-degree angle open to the target line
  2. Tee the ball in the center of the two flaps and full swing with a mid to long iron.
  3. Swing the club inside the target line through the gates without disturbing the outer flaps
  4. The ball will draw by starting from the push side and drawing back towards the target area.

The golfer will have a sensation of clearing the hips by initiating the swing with a lower-body rotation and not allowing the arms to get out and separate from the body as the downswing occurs. The hands may feel close to the body through impact. Be sure to watch the club-ball contact and feel the improved ball-striking ability, effortless power, and the disappearance of the dreaded slice.


Strykeitpro builds the proper swing path for Muscle Memory as the tool forces the golfer to strike the simulated teed ball at the correct path angle by not touching the guideposts. When the swing is off-track, the clubhead will hit one of the swing guideposts prior to the ball icon.


Amaze your friends as your golf confidence soars and your scores fall!

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