Fieldscale announces new version of the industry’s only simulation software exclusively for capacitive touch sensor design and analysis


THESSALONIKI, Greece, ( PR Submission Site ) July 16, 2019 — Fieldscale, the provider of simulation software for capacitive touch sensors, announced today the largest product enhancements on the company’s history, with the beta release of SENSE Cloud. SENSE Cloud offers all the features that users have come to love in the previous versions, and adds extra functionalities for the design and analysis of capacitive touch sensors, as well as collaboration between various stakeholders.

The new analysis features include much requested features, such as VIAs support and machine learning-powered mesh generation. A new type of analysis will be available: SPICE analysis. Users will be able to extract the equivalent circuit of their designs and perform system level SPICE analysis.

SENSE Cloud is the first software that automatically extracts the configuration file of the controller, enabling the users to tune the controller of their physical design faster. Analysis will take place on the cloud, leveraging cluster resources and solving in unparalleled speed. Drawing geometry also becomes easier, as SENSE Cloud features libraries of all the design elements needed.

 “This is the most ambitious version of SENSE to date” said Yiorgos Bontzios, the CEO of Fieldscale. “We have implemented the most requested features of our user base, and we have expanded the capabilities of SENSE to support system-level analysis of capacitive touch sensors”.

Regarding the migration of the software to the cloud he noted: “Offering the new version of SENSE as a cloud offering is a natural step forward for us. Our users work a lot on-the-go so migrating to the cloud will really benefit them. Moreover, the cloud unlocks a whole new market for us, as it allows us to keep IC makers more involved by having our product act as a marketing tool for them.”

Key SENSE Cloud details:

  • Enhanced design canvas, with all the templated components needed for drawing a capacitive touch sensor,

  • Import DXF files to analyze them,

  • Fast and accurate parasitic extraction of capacitance and resistance using cluster resources,

  • Equivalent circuit extraction, target-schematic creation and SPICE analysis,

  • Controller configuration file extraction.

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Fieldscale is a greek software provider that specializes in software for capacitive touch sensor design and analysis. Fieldscale aims to contribute in the democratization of simulation, by creating software simple and intuitive enough so that it can be used by engineers of any background, any level of expertise and in any stage of the product development. Find out more at


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