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August 24, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

Only in unusual circumstances do divorce proceedings go smoothly and without any complications, and some divorce matters can even drag on for several years, particularly when the parties cannot reach a settlement. Legal representation is particularly important in cases (contested or uncontested) involving children and significant financial holdings. When considering divorce, it is recommended to seek legal representation, because legal proceedings like these often involve unforeseen complications that one may not have predicted. The training, expertise, and knowledge of John Grasso divorce lawyers in Rhode Island will help you finalize your divorce and save you time and money.

John Grasso has an impeccable reputation as a divorce lawyer and has extensive knowledge of the Rhode Island family court system. His well-established law firm in Rhode Island excels at defending clients in divorce proceedings and they offer efficient and effective legal guidance aimed at success.

“Divorce has long-lasting legal, financial, and familial repercussions for all parties involved, and especially for children, and in some instances, it can be very traumatizing. Even if your divorce is uncontested, it may be in your best interest to hire a divorce lawyer, as matters could take a turn for the worse at any given stage.

In fact, a significant portion of divorces in the USA end up contested and deal with the control and custody of minor children, as well as the division of assets. Your interests will be protected both throughout and after the divorce process if you have an experienced and knowledgeable RI divorce lawyer on your side,” stated John Grasso.

Grasso specializes in many fields of US law, but he is regarded as one of the best divorce lawyers in Rhode Island. He also handles divorce matters throughout Massachusetts and part of his strategy for resolving disputes, is to do so as soon as possible, and of course, in favor of his client. A settlement has the benefit of being more cost-effective and it leaves fewer emotional scars.

Where an uncontested divorce can be finalized in a matter of weeks, this is not necessarily the case with uncontested divorces, but John Grasso and his legal team always aim to have it finalized as soon as possible, and they handle each case to the best of their abilities to ensure the best outcome for their clients.

If you are looking for a divorce lawyer who is experienced in contested and uncontested divorces and has knowledge of family law in Rhode Island, you should look no further than John Grasso divorce lawyers. You can send them an email if you have any questions or if you need further assistance, and for more information, you can visit their informative website.

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Since passing the bar exam in 2010, John Grasso has been practicing law in Rhode Island. As a lawyer and former police officer, he is in a unique position to have a thorough understanding of the law. He graduated from Roger Williams School of Law and went on to have a prosperous legal career in Rhode Island. John Grasso is also a professor of law and teaches legal courses at the University of Roger Williams.

John Grasso’s Law Practice always makes sure they work with their clients to obtain justice and the best outcome possible, even in the most difficult circumstances. This skilled group of defense lawyers is equipped with the knowledge and tools necessary to take on a wide variety of cases, ranging from misdemeanors to felonies.


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