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Egberts Cooling And Heating
October 4, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Winter Haven, FL – The time is never right when cooling and heating systems in Florida break down. It’s usually at the worst possible point. However, locally-owned Egberts Cooling and Heating is always geared up to offer fast and reliable solutions to get their clients’ lives back on track.

HVAC And Furnace Servicing

Family-owned and operated, Egberts Cooling and Heating are high in quality and low on price when it comes to providing super-quality workmanship and comprehensive services ranging from HVAC and furnace servicing, repairs, to maintenance and installations.A major bonus to Egberts is their technicians’ depth of experience and knowhow in tackling every problem associated to air conditioning problems. Their trained, qualified and professional team have done years in the industry so they can handle all sorts of challenges.

“We want to ensure the job is not only done right but well, so you and your family can enjoy year-round comfort,” said company owner Justin Egbert. When you own a home in Florida, one of the biggest challenges is keeping it at a comfortable temperature throughout the year. While it’s widely known that it has some of the harshest summer heat waves, areas like Lakeland, FL, can get surprisingly chilly when a bitter cold front sweeps through.

Good Air Conditioning

Having good air conditioning in the summer and the right type of furnace to heat your home in the winter is essential for residents. Air conditioner maintenance is crucial when the hot or cold seasons are on the horizon. HVAC systems experience wear and tear like any other complex machine, so it’s best to have them inspected and restored before they have to put in a season’s worth of hard work.

Egberts Cooling and Heating offers the best service for air conditioning maintenance. Their technicians have experience with air conditioner repair, gas furnace installation, and the repair and installation of electric furnaces. They are also available 24 hours a day, so you can call them to schedule a tune-up of your heating and cooling system.

Save Money Every Month On Energy Bills

Without routine maintenance, your AC might break down completely during a summer heat wave. This problem won’t just make your home extremely uncomfortable; it will be far more expensive than having the system serviced by a professional. Egberts’ experts do more than check to make sure an HVAC system isn’t going to break down; they also inspect the areas that typically show signs of wear. This ensures the system is working at peak efficiency, giving you peace of mind when those extreme temperatures are on the horizon.

A properly working HVAC means you save money every month on your energy bills, and your system will last longer before needing replacement. Egberts Cooling and Heating team maintains a fleet of fully equipped and stocked trucks that can reach all parts of Lakeland and nearby areas quickly. Their technicians will arrive at your property with all the tools and replacement parts necessary to get the job done in one visit. To book an appointment:


(863) 204-2338

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