Edubabble launched Study24x7 for educators and learners!


January 31,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Study24x7  launched by Edubabble Learning Pvt. Ltd. is a collaborative learning and sharing platform for educators and learners. Now you can enhance your learning approach by signing up to this innovative studying place that connects the world of education using the power of social communication. Here you can discuss ideas, share knowledge and experience a completely different outlook towards educational techniques. It is a highly feature enabled platform that can be used with ease and can be integrated with your daily learning, studying and educating activities.

Some of its plus points are mentioned below:

–  Connect with people by search option and invite them to join, interact with new people of similar interests and get associated with educators from around the country.

–  Chat and discuss using the chat option and know more of each other’s interests.

–  Receive daily updates for new posts and trending posts through notifications.

–   Save posts for future reference and find them in the saved section of your account.

–  Mark posts as important, comment on them and share.

–  Ask various types of timed as well as untimed questions  by creating your own quiz using three types of formats- MCQ, multiple response and true & false.

–  Create and follow pages using the page feature that lets you create your own study related page on which you can post content and get followers. You can also follow the pages that you find interesting from the list of suggested pages.

–  Broadcast your message to the followers of your page at once.

–  Create a gallery for your page where you can add descriptive images and diagrams.

–  Multiple filter options to search a post that you are looking for out of many posts.

–  Update profile and cover photo on your account as well as on your page.

–  Select multiple interests out of the list already given and you can re-select them anytime.

–  If stuck with any query you can instantly chat with one of our assistant who will be available on the “need any help?” option.

–  Search by post/name/page with a diverse search option that lets you search your friends, tutors and pages just by entering their name.

–  You will be regularly updated with a new list of suggestions from which you can connect and follow new people and pages.


Study 24x7 is an educational learning and sharing portal connecting students, teachers and learners on a PAN India level. It is an opportunity to connect with millions of students and similar interest aspirants across the boundaries.

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