Eco-friendly Wedding Is the Next Big Thing According to Subodh Bajpai

Subodh Bajpai

It is very encouraging to see a surprising amount of people and communities becoming more environmentally responsible and showing an inclination towards being nature friendly. It’s all about taking some small steps and having a lifestyle that is better for the environment and conserves our resources.

Weddings are an extravagant celebration where families and couples spend exuberantly to make everything a grand affair. In doing so, many a times people waste much and add biodegradable waste to the environment. Expensive wedding cards, extensive floral decorations, wastage of food, usage of electricity etc harm nature in one way or the other. But by adopting alternative eco friendly methods, one can plan weddings more responsibly.

Some of the popular eco friendly products being used at weddings are recycled paper for wedding cards, paper flowers instead of real ones for decorations, use of organic ingredients in dishes, organic fabrics for wedding couture, recycled paper flower garland, recycled cutlery and many other.

Many startups and NGOs are exploring this marketplace and experimenting how one can plan their wedding in a nature friendly manner. The owner and founder of Subodh Bajpai Photography says, “Wedding photography services are not untouched by this trend. Responsible wedding planners and couples themselves are proving that one can plan a more eco friendly wedding without compromising on the grandeur of the celebration. We have worked with clients who have opted for digital albums and cinematic films rather than huge albums. We are exploring the possibility of using recycled paper to print wedding photographs. This way one can treasure their wedding memories beautifully without wasting paper.”

Subodh Bajpai team is keen on becoming environmentally more conscious and thus they encourage their clients to have pre-wedding or post wedding shoots in a natural setup rather than use exuberant props. One can even use natural decor items, mirrors and props to add a bit of bling to the photographs. They creatively use natural light to bring in mesmerising effects to the shoot. According to the team, going further one can expect to see a completely organic or eco-friendly Indian wedding where every element is responsibly sourced. Hope to see this trend become a hot favorite among couples soon.

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Subodh Bajpai Photography is a leading name in wedding photography industry in Delhi. Since their inception in 2013, the team has covered a variety of weddings and has been keeping a keen eye on the latest trends. They proactively incorporate the best trends into their services to become a trendsetter. Subodh Bajpai Photography is a highly recommended name for pre-wedding photography, candid photography, destination wedding and wedding cinematic films.


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Subodh Bajpai Photography says that eco friendly weddings are gaining popularity with Indian couples.

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