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Dwarf Tossing

Dwarf Tossing

September 25, 2018  ( PR Submission Site ) Their has been a mis-interpretation to the term “dwarf tossing” on our website. Dwarf-tossing, or midget-tossing, originated in Australia and was performed in bachelor / stag parties in the USA, UK and other EU countries.

The Dwarfanators have never been party to this practice and we certainly do not condone it as it is both degrading and dangerous. It was made illegal in many countries and states, including here in 1989. Although brought back to people’s attention with the movie ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ we expressly forbid this at any of our events.

Development Website.

Dwarfanators recently hired two outsourced companies in India to handle the development and revision of our website to include the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for ranking keywords. The SEO company used the term “midget-tossing” on our website. The company from India not knowing what the actual practice of midget-tossing is, used the term on our website. The term was used on the site because they had seen wrestling moves which showed one dwarfanators wrestler tossing or throwing another Dwarfanator wrestler when doing a wrestling move. Thus, they used the term “midget tossing”. This was purely lost in translation of what the term actually means. So to the hate groups out their please get it corrected.

Trained Professionals

Once again the practice of “midget-tossing or dwarf-tossing” has been outlawed since 1989 in the USA. Dwarfanators was founded after this law was made illegal. We do not support midget-tossing in any form.

All the competitors at Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling are trained professionals and have many years experience. We do not recommend you try these moves on anyone, at anytime. We promote an anti-bullying policy. If you are interested in getting into wrestling, either as a hobby or career, we recommend seeking out a wrestling school. There are many of these all over the world and we would be happy to recommend one to you.

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