Dr Jawahar Surisetti invited to Bhutan to set up University of Happiness

Dr Jawahar
February 28, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Dr. Jawahar has received the invitation of the Prime Minister and King of Bhutan, after the formation of the new government in Bhutan, to design and establish an international level peace and happiness university near Paro Airport in the capital Thimphu. Have been invited to. , The university will bring foreign students and researchers to Bhutan and will also lead to economic and tourism growth for Bhutan. Dr. Jawahar said that this will be the first university of its kind in the world. Bhutan is known for prosperity in the world.

Provide Holistic Approach to Education

This institute is being envisioned to spread the art of happiness, message of peace and environmental protection to the world and will start its first session in 2026. According to the invitation, Dr. Jawahar will meet the Prime Minister of Bhutan on 27th and 28th February. Bhutan, known for its focus on Gross National Happiness, has invited renowned educationist and happiness expert, Dr Jawahar Surisetti, to set up the country’s first University of Happiness. The university aims to provide a unique and holistic approach to education, focusing on the overall well-being and happiness of its students.

Dr Surisetti, who has been working in the field of education and happiness for over two decades, has been invited by the Bhutanese government to establish the university and design its curriculum. The university will offer courses on happiness, well-being, and mindfulness, along with traditional academic subjects. It will also have a strong emphasis on community service and environmental sustainability. The University of Happiness will be a first-of-its-kind institution, offering a blend of traditional education and modern techniques to promote happiness and well-being.

Fulfilled Society

Dr Surisetti’s expertise in the field of education and happiness, along with his experience in setting up similar institutions in other countries, makes him the ideal choice for this project. In a statement, Dr Surisetti expressed his excitement and gratitude for the opportunity to establish the University of Happiness in Bhutan. He believes that this initiative will not only benefit the students but also contribute to the overall happiness and well-being of the Bhutanese society.

The university is expected to open its doors to students in the next academic year, and the Bhutanese government is confident that it will be a significant step towards achieving their goal of Gross National Happiness. The University of Happiness in Bhutan is a groundbreaking project that aims to revolutionize the education system and promote happiness and well-being among its students. With Dr Jawahar Surisetti at the helm, the university is expected to become a leading institution in the field of happiness and well-being. The Bhutanese government’s decision to establish this university is a testament to their commitment to creating a happier and more fulfilled society.


Dr Jawahar will help set up the University of Happiness in Bhutan for the world of peace , happiness and environment

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