Dingtone launched Mobile-based Fax App to Help Millions of People in Filing Unemployment Benefits


The economic aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic is becoming visible, with millions of employees having been laid off or furloughed during lockdown. In the past weeks, millions of Americans filed for jobless benefits as states expanded unemployment benefits for COVID-19.

The tidal wave of unemployment claims brought up sharp surging into the application process. However, people generally found the unemployment claims process quite complicated yet can hardly be refined immediately, while millions of unemployed people were counting on unemployment checks for necessary living expenses during the pandemic.

“I was distressed to discover that the system has been deluged, and I had to find a fax machine to complete my unemployment benefits claim,” said Blayze, an anxious applicant. “That means I have to put on a face mask and trudged off to a store with a fax machine to file weekly claims when I really want to stay at home  as much as possible.”

As going out and looking for a store to send fax documents can be very risky for personal and family health during the pandemic, millions urgently need alternative online services to digitally submit the paperwork that their state’s unemployment office requires. According to Google Trends, in the last month, online searches for versions of “places to fax papers near me” and “how to send a fax online” have skyrocketed.

The renowned VoIP provider, Dingtone, which has specialized in telecommunications for years, stepped forward and helped deal with this situation over the past few weeks. Dingtone’s development team deployed a mobile-based faxing app, which allows users to send fax documents online with mobile devices. The brand-new app “Fax from Phone – Easy Fax” has already gained tens of thousands of users since released last month.

With the fax app, users could scan the file with a mobile phone camera, and edit faxing doments like combining different fomats of files into an integrated faxing file, adding a cover page to the file, and inserting a signature.

“People are surrounded by bad news these days, and we felt obligated to help reduce obstacles during this stressful time since telecommunication technology is in our corporate nature,” commented a senior project manager from Dingtone. “The earlier people complete the application process, the sooner they would receive compensation. We understand that even a week ahead of time can make a big difference in the current situation.”

Dingtone‘s mobile-based faxing app is available now for iOS. It is a free download if you need help or want to check it out. To download the app from AppStore, please visit the link below or search “fax dingtone” on your iOS device and download with a tap.


To find out more about Dingtone, please visit http://www.dingtone.me/.

About Dingtone

Dingtone Inc. (http://www.dingtone.me/) is a renowned VoIP provider that helps people stay connected with its reliable communication products and services. The company currently serves more than 100 million users worldwide. People make unlimited free phone calls, send text messages and fax documents, share pictures, videos, and locations through its products in everyday situations. Dingtone is committed to enabling every user to benefit from the accelerating growth of technology.


The pandemic accidentally brought a sharp rise in the demand for fax services due to chain reactions. Dingtone, the renowned VoIP provider, released a mobile-based fax app to protect people from going outside and help them receive unemployment benefits earlier. Launched last month, the faxing app has gained tens of thousands of users so far.

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