Diamond Sports Group Discloses Football Drills to Practice at Home

November 15, 2021 ( PR Submission Site )

Football is a team game. The team includes sticker, forward players, mid-fielders, backers, and goalie. However, to progress at the individual level, one needs to focus on personal skills. Joining youth summer football camps helps every kid. They can improve their team game as well as their individual talents. But pandemic has pushed the kids inside their houses, depriving everything. Following are a few drills you can practice at home to enhance your game.

Fast Feet

Fast feet are necessary for dribbling, turning, and moving sharply on the field. Follow the following steps to improvise.

  1. Keep the soccer ball in between your feet with your legs, shoulder-width apart
  2. Bend your knees slightly
  3. Use the instep and knock the ball as fast as you can


Triangles are movements between two players trying to beat the defender. Follow the following steps.

  1. Place the ball in front of you
  2. Pull the ball with your right foot with an angle
  3. Pass the ball with your left foot using the instep of your right
  4. Pass the ball at an angle with your left foot
  5. Repeat the same using the left foot first

Drag and Push

When you are in a position of 1v1 and moving at speed, use drag and push drill. Follow the steps to learn.

  1. When the ball is moving, drag it back using the sole of your foot
  2. Use your laces and push the ball forward at a slight angle
  3. Stop the ball and quickly pull back
  4. Push it again Inside-Outside


For fruitful results, this move must be done quickly and with ease. It is an excellent move for a fast break. Heed towards the following steps to know it better.

  1. Place the ball slightly in front of you.
  2. With the instep of one foot, play the ball sideways
  3. Use the other foot, facing outside, and play the ball in the same the direction
  4. Use the same foot to pass the ball back in the opposite direction, facing inside
  5. Now use the other foot to play the ball in the same order, with the side facing outside
  6. After that, use the same foot, facing inside

Fast Feet (Step Over)

Fast and synchronized footwork improves your performance on the pitch. Use the following steps to learn the stepping-over skill.

  1. Use the instep and knock the ball fast and quick
  2. Once the soccer ball has hit your right foot, facing inside, use your left foot and perform a step-over as the right foot moves the ball forward
  3. Now, reach the ball with your foot, facing outside, and perform the same feet
  4. Find a rhythm and keep your body’s balance on the balls of your feet

Double Tap

Double Tap is a combination of fast feet and toe taps. Find a rhythm and follow the process of side-to-side and top-to-top. To learn this skill better, grab the below-given steps.

  1. Use insteps and knock the ball from one foot to another
  2. After that, touch the top of the ball with two simultaneous toe taps
  3. Continue the drill to perfection

Body Triangles

If you have learned the triangles, then body triangles will seem more accessible to you. Do the below-given steps to follow.

  1. Place the ball before you
  2. Pull it back with the sole of your right foot till it goes past your standing foot
  3. Use the instep and pass it back around your standing foot
  4. Use your standing foot to stop the ball and push it forward to the start position

Squeeze and Push

Defenders use this skill to obstruct the opponents from scoring goals. Use the following steps to learn the craft.

  1. Place the Football underneath your body
  2. Set your foot on the ball
  3. Open your legs and role to the sides
  4. Push it back with the inside by keeping your foot in contact with it the whole time

Drag Stop

It is a way to reverse your direction quickly. Use the following steps.

  1. Place the ball on the inside of your right foot
  2. Drag your right foot over the ball
  3. Allow the ball to run across
  4. Stop the ball with your left foot, facing inside


Juggling keeps the Football getting away from you. If you can create backspin, it may even puzzle your opponent. Keep the ball in your reach by using your steps without bouncing and moving outside the square.


Diamond Sports Group supports young talents from the USA and surroundings and pushes them to find excellence. The football camps are of the elite class where kids can explore their skills and talents. They provide summer and winter camps for the upcoming champs.

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