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(prsubmissionsite) March 19, 2020 : Patiala Diamonds ( is proud to present their wide range of excellent diamond jewellery Islamabad based pieces to valued customers everywhere. This store’s amazing collection features many exquisite diamond pieces, from beautifully crafted pendants, classy earrings, and even the perfect engagement rings. Each item also has its own distinct, handcrafted design, ensuring that clients have many unique options to choose from.

Customers are assured of getting the highest quality jewellery thanks to the store’s top-notch gemologists and jewellery designers, who are all certified by the GIA. The store’s fantastic staff work tirelessly to ensure that all pieces feature the best materials and design possible. In fact, all of the store’s products even come with a certificate of authenticity and a 25-year guarantee.

Patiala Diamonds can also work with clients to create a wonderful new design from scratch with their bespoke jewellery service. In this amazing offer, customers can choose among countless unique diamonds and match them with their precious metal of choice. If desired, clients can also opt to get custom inscriptions or even special packaging designs. Customers can immediately expect to get an accurate price quote for their bespoke diamond jewellery, as well as an estimate of the delivery time. The finished product can take anywhere from eight to ten weeks to arrive, depending on the complexity of the request.

The store’s jewels are always sourced from the finest mines worldwide, so clients can be assured that they are getting the best stones on the market. They also carefully handpick and determine the value of their diamonds according to the GIA’s standards. All of the store’s jewellery is manufactured overseas using the most advanced equipment and technology, ensuring a flawless finished product.

When customers purchase jewellery from Patiala Diamonds, they can expect to receive superb after-sales service from the store’s friendly staff. This includes free lifetime polishing, repairs, ring resizing, and servicing of any previous purchase. The store’s website also contains valuable information on how to properly maintain various types of jewellery and keep them in pristine condition.

Patiala Diamonds has many other jewellery products and services available. For complete information on these offers, visit their website at

About Patiala Diamonds

Patiala Diamonds is Patiala Jewellers’ latest store, and it specialises in providing luxurious diamond pieces to customers all over the world. They offer a wide range of jewellery, from diamond rings, bracelets, earrings, necklaces, and more. Based in Islamabad, Pakistan, this store meets the highest standards of excellence with its beautifully designed products and GIA Certified staff. For any enquiries, you may get in touch with them by calling (051) 8744 444 or sending an e-mail to You can also browse their selection of expertly crafted diamond jewellery at


Patiala Diamonds is Patiala Jewellers’ latest store, and it specialises in providing luxurious diamond pieces to customers all over the world.

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