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February 7,2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Achieving the perfect smile can be hard, and it can be even harder if you are trying to do it alone — or even impossible! The best option is to employ a family dentist in Houston TX to help you along the way. This is where Dentistry of the Oaks comes in! They employ only the most experienced and caring individuals to offer their dental services near Houston!

When it comes to getting whiter teeth, it can be hard — but possible — on your own. There is a slew of different whitening projects out there today such as whitening toothpastes or whitening strips you can buy at pretty much any drug store. Unfortunately, these manners of teeth whitening aren’t exactly recommended by general dentists in Houston. Why? It’s because these manners of teeth whitening can be ineffective or even harmful if you misuse them. Some whitening toothpastes include an abrasive agent that can damage your tooth enamel.

What is more, whitening strips leave many patients complaining of sensitivity that lasts for years after the treatment. Why does this most likely happen? Probably because they wanted to circumvent the use of a cosmetic dentist in Houston and whiten their teeth without a dentist in 77018 and do it on their own and they did it wrong. Leaving your whitening strips on for too long can cause damage and leave your teeth sensitive. It is always best to go to a general dentist in Houston when it comes to your teeth whitening.

In fact, Dentistry of the Oaks offers a New Patient Special: (Free Whitening OR Free Philips Sonicare toothbrush.) This means you can rest easy knowing that your teeth will be taken care of, whitened effectively, and not damaged under the supervision of a dentist in Houston, Tx.

Not convinced yet? Take a look at what other patients are saying about this cosmetic dentist in Houston, Tx:

Alyse L. says: “Highly recommend Dentistry of the Oaks They walk you through everything they are doing and make sure you are comfortable While getting work done they provide headphones so you can watch a show and not have to listen to the cleaning equipment”

Pam S. says: “This office is incredible! Dr. Stuchlik and Dr. Wendt are so nice and caring. They want what best for you and truly are a patient-centered office. I’ve been seeing Dr. Stuchlik for a few years and am excited she and Dr. Wendt started their own practice. They are both great dentists and since the practice is privately-owned, they truly care about all aspects of your visit. I can’t wait to see them grow!”

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Business Address: 1717 West 34th Street, Suite 450, Houston, TX 77018

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Business Phone:  832-464-8037

Contact Person: Lindsey Wendt


Dentistry of the Oaks provides expert dentistry and a free professional whitening for all new patients.

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