Dentist in Laguna Beach, CA Offering Free New Patient Exams


Laguna Beach, CA ( PR Submission Site ) December 14, 2018 – Laguna Family Dentistry is proud to announce they are now offering free, new patient dental appointments which include a comprehensive examination, professional cleaning, and even diagnostic x-rays. Their dentist in Laguna beach has years of experience and was even awarded as one of the Top “40 Under 40” Dentists in America. At Laguna Family Dentistry they are proud to be equipped with advanced dental technology, allowing them to offer quicker, safer and more effective diagnostic testing and treatment options. Laguna Family Dentistry is also a multi-specialty practice, offering an assortment of dental care options all under one roof, no need to visit another dentist just to complete treatment. These dental care options include:

Preventive Dental Care

At Laguna Family Dentistry, their dentist in Laguna Beach, CA believes that prevention is an essential tool when it comes to providing the best care. Preventive dentistry allows their dentists in New Port Beach to evaluate your oral health, monitor your smile and treat any issues early. They recommend patients visit at least twice a year for routine, preventive dentistry.

Restorative Dental Care

Are you or a loved one suffering from a dental complication such as decay, damage, infection or even disease? Their Dana Point dentist is proud to offer a variety of restorative dentistry options as well. With restorative dentistry, their dentist near you can improve the health, function and even appearance of your affected tooth while also preventing additional complications in the future.

Cosmetic Dental Care

Do you have damaged, discolored or otherwise imperfect teeth in your smile? Wishing there was a way to improve the appearance of your pearly whites? At Laguna Beach Dentistry they are also proud to offer various treatment options which can improve the color, shape, size and even position of your smile.

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Interested in scheduling your free new patient appointment with their dentist in 92651? Contact Laguna Family Dentistry today, they are always welcoming new patients at their dental clinic in Laguna beach and would be more than happy to fit you on their schedule to see their dentists.


Laguna Family Dentistry, a local dental practice in Laguna Beach, CA is proud to now be offering free new patient exams including cleaning or x-rays.

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