SunTec India, Parent Company of, Recognized as Clutch Global and Clutch Champion Winners of 2023!

December 15, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

SunTec India, the parent company of, has achieved remarkable recognition by It has been bestowed with two prestigious titles – Clutch Global Award Winner and Clutch Champion Award Winner 2023. We extend our warmest congratulations to SunTec India, a frontrunner in IT outsourcing and BPO services, for these prestigious accolades by

Outstanding Service

The Clutch Champion award, an esteemed honor reserved for the top 10% of Clutch Global winners, underscores SunTec India’s exceptional industry expertise and unwavering dedication to delivering unparalleled service and value to clients worldwide. These achievements are proof of SunTec India’s leadership in the B2B service sector, highlighting its commitment to outstanding service delivery and client satisfaction.

The inclusion in the 2023 Fall Clutch Champions category acknowledges SunTec India’s ability to have acquired verified, new client reviews during the period of the last six months. This, further, solidifies its position as a top-rated leader in primary service categories like IT, data, eCommerce, and business process outsourcing.

Clutch Elite And Securing Its Place

We are elated to celebrate with our esteemed parent company, SunTec India, for proudly standing among Clutch’s elite and securing its place in the top 10% of global companies. This dual distinction reinforces SunTec India’s reputation as a truly prestigious global service provider. As part of the SunTec India family, we take pride in this success, and it motivates us to uphold the same standards of service and contribute to the continued triumph of our esteemed parent company.

About is a division of SunTec India that excels at providing top-tier data entry, data management, business process outsourcing services, and other data-related solutions. Since 1999, it has maintained a leading position in providing comprehensive data support solutions to numerous clients across the globe.

With 700+ skilled professionals, the company has successfully executed 1200+ projects, leveraging advanced technologies for precision and efficiency. Over the years, has catered to nearly 4000 clients worldwide, encompassing numerous Fortune 500 corporations.


SunTec India, the parent company of, bags prestigious titles as 2023 Clutch Global and Clutch Champion winners, solidifying its position among the top IT and BPO service providers globally.

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