Cubro Releases Software Version 2 for G5 Units

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23 January 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) Cubro has just recently released Software Version 2 for all its advanced G5 Network Packet Broker units (EX48600, EX32100, EXA48600 and EXA32100). The new software version is a major step forward and further enhances our market position. We have spent a lot of effort in testing and improving this release ensuring that we deliver quality and functionality that is expected from us. This release will allow us to progress with the integration of the G5 units into our centralized network management software: Cubro Vitrum Management Suite.

The highlights of the Software Version 2 include:

  • User Administration in the Web GUI
  • Role-based access with definable user rights/permissions
  • RADIUS authentication
  • TACACS+ authentication
  • Unit configurations can be saved, downloaded, and uploaded for backup and restore purposes
  • Easy and straight forward software upgrade via Web GUI
  • NTP synchronization
  • Streamlined Web GUI offering a better structure, speed, and reliability
  • Full SNMPv2c support including MIB

Other additional features added to the units are:  

ELAG and EGROUP Feature

With the earlier software version, it was not possible to load-balance traffic to a certain group of ports and simultaneously send traffic to all ports. Our usual way to distribute mobile carrier traffic such as load-balanced user traffic and broadcast signalling required the use of loops and complex forwarding rules. The new ELAG and EGROUP feature eliminates this and allows a specific port to be part of a load-balancing group while simultaneously being part of a broadcast group.

Filter Counter

Version 2 allows to user to check if filtering is active (matching) or not by means of filter counters. It is easy, therefore, to quickly check if traffic is matching a filter criteria or not. For example:

  • ERSPAN Termination
  • VnTag Termination
  • Tx force function
  • GTP Termination with outer tunnel IPv6 and inner IPv4

Target Applications/Market

The key target market for G5 and particularly for the ‘A’ versions (EXAs) is the mobile telecom market due to its capabilities in terms of GTP functions. The EXA48600 and EXA32100 are the best performing units offering unique and superior features like:

  • GTP Termination (all IP Version combinations)
  • GTP Load-Balancing; which is extremely important for all monitoring as it is the only way to share traffic to different analyzers/probes.
  • GTP Inner IP Filtering

The low-cost white boxes do not offer a feature set comparable to the G5 units. Another vital feature is VXLAN due to the mobile operators use of NVF solutions. Cubro G5 units have been selected for several major projects due to their strong and reliable VXLAN and GTP features. Apart from mobile operators VXLAN is in heavy use inside data center network architectures. VXLAN is, in fact, originally a data center technology and Cubro’s G5 units provide data centers with maximum ROI on their network management infrastructure investment.


Updated manuals are available, please contact support(at)cubro(dot)com.


For customers having a valid support contract Version 2 is available. Please contact the Vienna Support Team support(at)cubro(dot)com for details.

Webex / Training

Please feel free to ask support(at)cubro(dot)com for a more detailed introduction of the new features. Our support Team will be glad to provide training to our customers.


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