Introducing Crownline Travel Dalla TD-253: Electric Kettle and Arabic Coffee Maker- Your New Brewing Companion

January 5, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Crownline is a recognized electrical brand in the UAE, specializing in household and kitchen appliances and cleaning solutions for offices and outdoor use. They offer an extensive range of products to meet the needs of customers on a daily basis. Crownline introduces its latest innovation, the Travel Dalla TD-253 Electric Kettle and Arabic Coffee Maker. This stylish appliance combines modern convenience with traditional flavors, making it the perfect companion for every kitchen.

Save Energy And Time

The cordless Travel Dalla TD-253 Electric Kettle redefines brewing by prioritizing efficiency earlier. It comes with an 80% efficiency boost over stovetop kettles and a cordless design for unrestrained movement. The advanced control panel ensures accurate temperature control, shutting off automatically when perfection has been reached. Save energy and time while enjoying the perfect cup every time.

But that’s not all: the Travel Dalla TD-253 can also be used as an Arabic coffee maker. Enjoy the rich and energetic flavor of Arabian coffee without the time-consuming traditional procedures. It effortlessly makes up to 20 small cups of coffee with a 0.7L coffee pot capacity and a 3-hour keep-warm feature. The dry protection feature gives an added degree of security.

Improve Kitchen Experience

The Crownline Travel Dalla TD-253 will improve your way of life. Start your mornings seamlessly with the cordless electric kettle, which effortlessly prepares hot beverages while you focus on the important things. Whether it’s a quick cup of tea, coffee, or the rich flavors of Arabic coffee, this appliance simplifies your routine, ensuring comfort, efficiency, and a touch of elegance in every sip.

All are made simple with the Travel Dalla‘s intuitive design and efficient features. The appliance is made of heat-resistant polypropylene and comes with a travel bag, making it your on-the-go brewing partner. Crownline, where innovation meets tradition, can improve your kitchen experience. Visit the website and get yours now.

About The Company

Crownline focuses on buyers’ delight by selling a wide range of quality products, i.e., electric kettles, ice makers, infrared cookers, food processors, sandwich makers, and many more. These products are value-for-money and strive to satisfy customers’ expectations through solid after-sales service backup support.


Company Name:Crownline

Address:17th Building, Marakech St 17th

– Umm Ramool- Dubai, UAE – PO Box 284

Phone: +971 4 34 17 152, +971553005992


Crownline is a recognised electrical brand in the UAE, specialising in household and kitchen appliances and cleaning solutions for offices and outdoor use.

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