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Criminal investigation

Criminal investigation

Criminal investigation is an applied science of different methods by which crimes are studied to identify, locate and prove the guilt of an accused criminal. Our company IT Science Projects provide prototype models, projects and software solutions in criminal investigation to academic and commercial clients in India and worldwide.

Crime Technology Solutions offers expertise to both universities as well as for businesses. We give advice on industry best practices, emerging technology and R&D. We have got a huge list of new and innovative project ideas based on latest market needs like investigations of Fraud, Crime scene, Sexual crime, Theft, Kidnapping, Assault and Homicide, Criminal defense, research techniques, surveillance techniques, interviewing techniques, Plan the investigation, Data collection, Data analysis, Corrective actions, Reporting etc for students, researchers and enterprisers.

Our crime solutions, is focused on creating the best software solutions for customers connected with law enforcement with special attention to criminal investigators. We are widely appreciated by our customers as the most versatile and feature-rich investigative case management software available for law enforcement. We at Crime Technology Solutions have focused on delivering affordable, powerful software solutions for investigation agencies.

Our crime solutions provides specialty in different services like Crime scene analysis, Solvability factors, Recognition of physical evidence, Search warrant concerns, Crime scene sketches, Locating and preserving latent prints, Introduction to interviews and interrogations, Casting techniques – shoe wear and tire impressions, Photography documentation, Court preparation, Case reporting, Sources of intelligence, Tracking Tips and Leads, Gathering and Disseminating Criminal Intelligence, Working with Confidential Informants, Performing Case Reviews, Collaborating Internally or with Outside Agencies, Managing Cases, Managing Evidence – Physical and Multimedia. The agencies that use our products are thoroughly happy and typically act as our references.

Today nearly every crime has a digital footprint means computer technology is used in some way or other to facilitate the crime. New cases of credit/debit card fraud, identity theft, account hacking, harassment and many more such cases that are facilitated via computer technology arise daily.  Hence knowledge of strong computer skills with updated crime investigation solutions are an important part of any investigator’s toolkit. Our investigation software products covers logical data extraction, incident diagramming and forensics solutions which are designed to help agencies track investigations, manage evidence and report results.

The leadership position that we have attained in these sectors is based on an in-depth knowledge of client needs, which allows us to deliver solutions specifically tailored to their individual requirements. We at Crime Technology Solutions offers clients the best solution, fully adapted to their own requirements and including all the support necessary to achieve optimum results at a suitable price. Our employee’s cultural values and operating model focus on meeting the very needs of each individual client.

A consultant like IT Science Projects can take the business to the next level — that is, “significant growth in revenues and profits with a better quality of life owning, operating and working. The best names in criminal investigation industry rely on us for guidance and support.

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We provide all types of academics, commercial, IT science projects and experimental models on Criminal Investigation. Our company IT Science provide projects and software solutions in criminal investigation to academic and commercial clients.

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