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Creo 10
October 26, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

PTC’s Creo 10, the latest iteration of its renowned 3D CAD software suite, empowers designers and engineers to elevate their product development process to unprecedented heights. With a focus on enhanced capabilities, Creo 10 seamlessly integrates cutting-edge features to streamline the design journey. PTC Creo empowers designers and engineers to create innovative products faster and more efficiently with enhanced capabilities for multibody design, simulation-driven design, generative design, and cloud-based collaboration.

Accelerating Design Innovation With Advanced Capabilities

Creo 10 introduces a host of new features and enhancements that streamline the design process and empower users to create innovative products with greater speed and precision. Key highlights include:-

1. Enhanced Multibody Design

Creo 10 expands multibody design capabilities with new split and trim features, enabling users to manipulate and refine complex assemblies with greater control.

2. Expanded Simulation-Driven Design

Creo introduces Ansys-powered thermal stress analysis, enabling users to simulate and optimize designs for thermal performance and durability.

3. Enhanced Generative Design

Creo 10 expands generative design capabilities with new constraints and loading options, providing more control over the design exploration process.

Elevating Collaboration With Cloud-Based Tools

Creo 10 introduces Creo+, a cloud-based SaaS solution that extends Creo’s capabilities to the cloud, enabling real-time collaboration and streamlined license management. With Creo+, users can:-

1. Collaborate Seamlessly

Share and review designs in real-time with team members and stakeholders, regardless of location.

2. Simplify License Management

Easily manage Creo licenses and deployments across the organization from a centralized cloud platform.

Empowering The Future Of Product Design

Creo reinforces PTC’s commitment to providing designers and engineers with the tools they need to create the products of the future. With its enhanced capabilities and cloud-based collaboration tools, Creo is poised to revolutionize the product development process, enabling companies to bring innovative products to market faster and more efficiently.

About Modelcam Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Modelcam Technologies is a premier giant in CAD/CAM/CAE and IT consulting solutions. It provides the best CAD softwares and a pool of experts who can reduce your product development time. It provides different Creo design packages including Creo 10.


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Creo 10 provides lots of new features and enhancements to Creo. Creo 10 also introduces Creo+, a cloud-based SaaS solution that extends Creo's capabilities to the cloud, fostering real-time collaboration and streamlined license management.

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