CoesterVMS and Wave City Care School Makeovers 2018

School Makeovers

October 9, 2018 ( PR Submission Site ) Saturday, August 25th CoesterVMS and Wave City Care partnered up for the annual makeover of four local schools, just in time for the new school year!

Thoroughgood Elementary, Creeds Elementary, Lindenwood Elementary, and Truitt Internediate Chesapeak were among the four schools to received aid and assistance to ensure the buildings were ready for the 2018 school year.  The makeover included landscaping, construction, painting, installing chalkboards, power washing, cleaning, and assistance setting up the classrooms.

“The makeover was complete just in time for the new school year. Over five hundred people came out to make a huge impact on the lives of our youth and the community. It was a really fun day where the community comes together to get their hands dirty and beautify four of our local schools,” said Lydia Wigglesworth-Ballard of Wave City Care.

This year’s makeover marked the 13th year of the event for Wave City Care. Wave City Care is a non-profit that serves the community through educational services, mentor-ship opportunities, and local community volunteer work. For a breakdown of this year’s School Makeover event, the details have been provided below.

Thoroughgood Elementary – Virginia Beach

– Landscaping; filled 90 pots with potting soil and plants
– Construction
– Painted 45 classroom doors and accent walls in 40 portables
– Installed chalkboards in 25 portables
– Assist teachers with classroom setup

Creeds Elementary – Virginia Beach

– Cleaned tile walls and door knobs
– Landscape, mulching grounds
– Power washing

Lindenwood Elementary – Norfolk

– Landscaped; cleaned flowerbeds and mulched front of building
– Lay timbers and rubber mulch for playground
– Painted cabinets, marquee, and blackboard poles
– Designed and painted a mural
– Construction; assembled picnic tables

Truitt Intermediate Chesapeake

– Landscaped gardens in front of building
– Painted mural & walls in teachers’ lounge
– Construction; built of storage sheds
– Power wash
– Decorated bulletin board and teachers’ lounge

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CoesterVMS and Wave City Care partnered up for the annual makeover of four local schools, just in time for the new school year!

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