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Click Then Convert
November 2, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

Hollywood, FL – Businesses looking to find the ‘digital rocket fuel’ to set light to a major campaign are turning to the experts at Click Then Convert because of their immense data-driven advertising successes. The Click Then Convert team is the shining diamond in an industry of empty promises and underperforming marketing because they walk the walk with business clients and talk the talk when it comes to performance marketing analysis and guaranteed stunning results.

Fits The Company’s Needs

“Our clients have averaged 5 times Returns on Assets (ROAs) over the past five years, and we want to continue helping businesses fulfil their potential,” said business founder Steve Kaplan. “And the best is, we know what we’re talking about.” Click Then Convert has served more than 125 clients, handled over 2,300 media and advertising campaigns, and, at an average total cost of $19 million, has generated more than $67 million in revenue for clients.

Their approach is simple – a bespoke marketing plan that fits the company’s needs, budgets and aspirations. The team has a comprehensive portfolio of services ranging from paid advertising, ad operations and analysis, full-funnel marketing, conversion rate optimization, superb graphic designs and the creation of website and landing pages.

The Team Has Set Goals

The team first gets to know a client’s brand, what it stands for, and what it’s up against with a detailed 360 review. They then align and set goals and assess how far they are away from a business’s current level of success before planning and executing a plan to get growth moving in the right direction. He added: “We never leave clients in the dark, and if we hit the goals sooner than expected, we’ll set bigger, more aggressive goals.

That’s why we guarantee results. In fact, a client has just broken ten times the ROAs on Google Ads. Within six months, they have made $60,000 for every $6,000 they spend.” From increasing sales by 41% for a Christian e-commerce site within four months to attracting thousands of customers for a drive-thru oil change service center group in four western states and enabling a 10-fold increase in clients for an international investment firm, Click Then Convert delivers on what it promises.

Mr Kaplan has a tech background in telecommunications. He started an SEO company in 2008 and grew to over 500 customers in the first year. He worked with countless companies as a consultant, partner, media buyer, product owner, project manager, and marketer of many channels. He has run campaigns as a media buyer across over 200 clients ranging in spending from $10 a day to $300,000 a day. To get a piece of the action from Click Then Convert, or to view their case studies and services:


Phone: 954-287-3728

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