Georgia Dispute Resolution Attorney Discusses The Civil Judgment Lifespan

Civil Judgement

Atlanta, Georgia (PR Submission Site) 27 june, 2019  – A Georgia dispute resolution attorney at KPPB Law recently released a blog outlining the lifespan of a civil judgment. These judgements can eventually go dormant and must be revived to be properly resolved.

A civil judgment is a ruling against the defendant in non-criminal legal matters. The defendant is often required to pay damages as a result, and the judgment will appear on their credit report in the future. Judgements are typically valid for a set period of time, depending on your state, during which the creditor can attempt to collect their damages. Some judgments are valid for as long as 20 years, while others span only five. This period typically begins on the date of the judgment or the date the creditor last tries to collect. After this point, the judgment is considered dormant and must be renewed before the creditor can collect their payment.

Creditors must renew their judgments in order to extend the time during which they can receive their payment. If it is not renewed, it is considered lapsed. A judgment can also lapse if the creditor does not attempt to execute on it for a certain period of time. If it is never revived, the creditor cannot seize a debtor’s property, garnish their wages, force them to appear for a debtor’s examination, or otherwise receive their payment. To revive a dormant judgment, the creditor must file a Petition to Revive and serve it to the debtor before they can pursue repayment again. The length of time during which a creditor can submit this petition varies by state, so discuss your case with a local attorney to ensure that you are within that time frame.

Speak to the litigation and dispute resolution attorneys at KPPB Law for more information about your case. The firm’s attorneys are experienced in civil judgment law and can help both debtors and creditors understand their legal obligations and privileges in these cases. They can represent clients in litigation, arbitration, and mediation situations while providing expert legal advice in between proceedings. The firm’s Georgia offices are located at One Lakeside Commons, Suite 800, 990 Hammond Drive, Atlanta, GA 30328. Contact the office at 678-443-2244 or online at


A Georgia dispute resolution attorney at KPPB Law recently released a blog outlining the lifespan of a civil judgement.

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