CE Shreekant Patil Conducts Startup Awareness Program At Dr. Moonje Institute Of Management & Computer Studies

CE Shreekant Patil
September 18, 2023 ( PR Submission Site )

CE Shreekant Patil, a prominent mentor at MAARG Startup India, BIRAC, and MeitY Startup Hub, recently conducted a highly informative startup awareness program at Dr. Moonje Institute of Management & Computer Studies. The session, organized by Dr. Preeti Kulkarni, Director at MBA College, aimed to familiarize MBA and MCA students with the startup ecosystem. It took place on September 16th, 2023, at the MBA college auditorium at 1:30 PM.

During the program, Mr. Shreekant Patil shared his valuable insights into the world of startups and the ecosystem that supports them. His expertise and experience in mentoring aspiring entrepreneurs provided students with a comprehensive understanding of the various aspects of starting and running a successful startup. The session was interactive, allowing students to engage with Mr. Patil through a question-and-answer session.

The enthusiastic participation of the students demonstrated their keen interest in exploring the startup ecosystem and taking advantage of the opportunities it offers. To honor his contribution to society & enlightening session, Dr. Swati and Dr. Preeti felicitated CE Shreekant Patil. His efforts in promoting awareness about startups among the students were acknowledged and appreciated.

Quote From Shreekant Patil

“As a mentor at MAARG Startup India, BIRAC, and MeitY Startup Hub, Mr.Shreekant Patil is dedicated to nurturing and guiding aspiring entrepreneurs. He firmly believes in the power of startups to drive innovation, create job opportunities, and contribute to the overall economic growth of the country.”

Through initiatives like the startup awareness program, Mr. Shreekant Patil aims to inspire and empower students, providing them with the knowledge and resources needed to embark on their entrepreneurial journey in the region. By fostering an environment of innovation and encouraging students to explore the startup ecosystem, he ensures that the next generation of entrepreneurs is well-equipped to make a meaningful impact.

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About CE Shreekant Patil:

CE Shreekant Patil is a revered mentor at MAARG Startup India, BIRAC, and MeitY Startup Hub. With his extensive experience and expertise in the startup domain, he actively promotes entrepreneurship and supports aspiring entrepreneurs through mentorship and guidance. Committed to developing and nurturing the startup ecosystem, Mr. Patil channels his passion for innovation and growth to empower individuals to build successful startups.


Startup India Mentor CE Shreekant Patil conducted Startup Awareness Program at Dr Moonje MBA College, Nashik.

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