CDP Diesel and Auto Inc. Celebrates Two Years of Success and Chamber of Commerce Recognition in Palmerston, Ontario

CDP Diesel
March 14, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

CDP Diesel and Auto Inc. celebrates the past two years of success under its new brand. The company has made significant strides in solidifying its position as a trusted diesel and auto repair provider in the Palmerston community. In August 2022, the company transformed, rebranding from CDP Performance + Repair to its current identity. This change reflects the company’s expanded focus on diesel repair services, catering to the growing demand for specialized diesel vehicle maintenance and repairs.

Expansion Success

Nathan Wombwell, the owner, recognized the need for increased space and staff to provide world-class service and transitioned from a two-bay shop to a larger three-bay in 2022. CDP Diesel and Auto always participates in the community. Since 2018, it’s supported community motorsports, truck pulls events, and more, demonstrating its commitment to giving back to the local community. The company’s involvement is further highlighted by its membership in the Minto Chamber of Commerce in November 2023.

The Chamber highlights their significant contribution to Palmerston. CDP Diesel and Auto also offer a broad range of diesel and auto repairs, maintenance, and diagnostics services. The company’s experienced technicians create a customer experience that’s memorable for all of the right reasons. With a focus on diesel vehicles, their skilled diesel technicians can handle various engine components, from oil changes to complex fuel system repairs.

Transmission Solutions

Technicians build their knowledge in service to the community, recognizing the requirements of nuanced diesel vehicle maintenance and repairs. They also perform digital vehicle inspections via Tekmetric. This cloud management system simplifies auto repairs so technicians can explain them without confusing terminology or lack of transparency. The company’s diesel specialists manage repairs on a diverse roster of diesel engines, including Dodge, GM, and Ford.

Nathan and his crew’s services are vital, just as transmissions are to cars and trucks. CDP Diesel and Auto handles transmission repair and rebuilding. Their skilled technicians diagnose and offer practical solutions. Customers can choose to have their transmission rebuilt or replaced based on the severity of the issue. Experienced technicians will guide customers in making the best decision for long-term reliability. Trucks and trailers are vital in local commerce.

Vehicle Hub, Customer Testimonials

CDP Diesel and Auto established a hub for comprehensive repair services for these essential vehicles. Regular maintenance and timely repairs prevent minor issues from escalating into significant problems. Nathan and his team do their part to maintain the efficiency of these crucial supply chains. Yet, the biggest reward is hearing how CDP Diesel and Auto impacts its community.

Heartfelt testimonials from satisfied customers best represent the impact of their efforts: “Cannot recommend enough. Took on a repair job with short notice and had incredible communication throughout. Nathan did a fantastic job with the repair and even suggested, designed, and implemented some preventative braces during the repair.”

The company’s journey is a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence and providing top-tier services to Palmerston. CDP Diesel and Auto invite Palmerston members to visit or contact their office to experience their top-notch services firsthand. Nathan and his team sincerely thank the Palmerston community for their patronage.

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