Casio G-Shock Analog Digital GA-100CB-1A Men’s Watch


Casio calls G-Shock Analog Digital GA-100CB-1A Men’s Watch, “X-Large Combi” because the case is a bit big, and it is a combination of both analog hands and four small LCD screens. This mixture of both elements has been done before, but works in a very stylish and fun manner here. Aside from just the hip, industrial style of the watch, it has some less than common features for Casio timepieces. First is the 1/1000 of a second stopwatch (chronograph) function. When you need such precision or how reliable your fingers are when it comes to such small variations in time – I don’t know. But what I do know is that you have the ability to measure very small differences in time, which makes this a bona fide gadget watch!

In Casio G-Shock Analog Digital GA-100CB-1A Men’s Watch, you have the time in an analog fashion, you also have the ability to have the time digitally in the lower left digital LCD window. This is sometimes easier depending on your preferences – or when reading the time at night. Which brings me to an issue with at least some of the GA100 watches.

The analog hands have no lume, but the hour indicators around the dial do have lume. Why this is? I don’t know. There is a backlight in the form of a lower mounted LED light, but when it is turned on in the dark, it sort of washes out the LCD screens and makes the hands not super easy to read (especially the red hour hand on this colour combo). For me, this means that while it is not impossible to read the GA100 at night, it is not an ideal G-Shock for this purpose. There are others though that excels at night reading.

The main allure for me of the Casio G-Shock Analog Digital Mens Watch is in fact the high-style dial. The stacked brick texture with the instrument like windows is well-designed and feels like a modern tale of the G-Shock ideals. Symmetry is also good – especially as many G-Shock dials feel off-centered to me. Overall a great new G-Shock collection, especially for people who wouldn’t normally consider a digital watch, it is an enjoyable experience, and a good looking watch that is bound to lift your style just a little bit.

Bottom line: From Casio Wrist Watch G-SHOCK, which strive for toughness, new model that combines basic G-SHOCK black with a popular blue hue. Overall, matte black is combined with blue in the bezel, face, hour, and second hands, for an intrepid design. This model has a blue tone camouflage face.


The analog hands have no lume, but the hour indicators around the dial do have lume.

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