Carmen Pates Wilson Set to Release her New Book Titled “NEW BROTHER TROUBLE”


February 6, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) A fostering Love Series Sensational writer, licensed Foster Parent, Mentor, Family Advocate and children’s rights activist Carmen Pates Wilson is set to release her new book titled “New Brother Trouble”  on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. “New Brother Trouble” is a powerful, transformational, and inspiring read.

It will help people get an understanding of the joys and fears of becoming a foster family. This amazing first book in the series will prove an inspiration to all who are finding it difficult adjusting to a foster family setup. They will realize that no matter how difficult it is adjusting to this setup, they could make things work to the amazement of everyone.

In “New Brother Trouble,” the author shares from her well of experience as a licensed Foster Parent, Family Advocate and Mentor, ways to resolve one of many foster parenting issues. She believes the “Fostering Love Series” is the solution many have been waiting for. Applying the proven strategies shared in this book will reduce misconceptions associated with foster parenting but more importantly teach children how to adjust to the foster family setup. The lessons contained within “New Brother Trouble” are far-reaching and can have a significant impact on readers’ lives. Readers will derive hope and learn a lot from the author’s experience as a champion for children’s rights for over 15 years.

About the Author

Carmen Pates Wilson is a licensed Foster Parent, Mentor and Family Advocate and a champion for children’s rights for over 15 years. “New Brother Trouble” is the first in the Fostering Love Series. A beautifully written children’s book with a sweet and humorous insight into the joys and fears of becoming a foster family. The series teaches love, compassion, patience, and understanding. She dedicates her life to giving abused and neglected children a loving and stable home.

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