Ensure Mold-Free Car Wash Areas with PVC Wall Panels

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February 29, 2024 ( PR Submission Site )

Is moldy car wash bay walls stressing you out? Switch to PVC wall panels for a permanent solution. Made of high-quality vinyl, PVC panels prevent mold and mildew growth from high moisture. Car wash arenas are always wet, given how the cars are constantly brought in for professional washing. Different car cleaning agents, fluids, and soapy liquids also contributes to high humidity. Excessive moisture breeds fungal and bacterial growth, besides disturbing the structural stability of the car wash walls. PVC wall panels have a smooth surface that sheds excess moisture, keeping your facility mold-free and hygienic for a lifetime. The panels are made of high-quality vinyl and are FDA-compliant,, making them a durable choice for such wet settings.

PVC Panels Don’t Let Mold and Mildew Grow

Unlike FRP panels’ rough surface that keeps moisture hidden and becomes a favorable breeding ground for fungal growth, PVC panels have a smooth surface that discourages moisture seepage. When moisture can no longer penetrate the panel surface, the car wash walls remain new and mold-free for a lifetime. The absence of mold helps in building a clean and well-organized environment.

PVC Panels Are Easier to Install

When saving money, choose car wash wall panels instead of FRP. While FRP wall panels take much time to install and need extra tools and backers, PVC panels are very easy to install on the wall car wash. The modern interlocking tongue and groove mechanism makes PVC installation easy and quick. PVC panels interlock to create a crack-free surface, ensuring the car wash spaces look professional. Furthermore, the panels don’t need backers, preventing moisture penetration, keeping your facility mold-free.

PVC Panels Are Simple to Clean

The entire arena looks hygienic only when the car wash walls are clean. The vinyl-made PVC panels adhere to cleanroom sanitary standards and are extremely easy to clean. Its crevice-free surface doesn’t attract dirt, which makes its cleaning procedure simple and quick. Occasional wiping using a wet cloth is sufficient to keep the car wash wall panels dirt-free.

Duramax PVC Wall Panels: 40 Years of Expertise in Manufacturing PVC Panels

Duramax PVC Wall Panels are a reputable supplier of FDA-compliant PVC panels. The ASTM and CFIA-certified panels are easier to maintain as they don’t need frequent replacement and repair. You get a $25,000 money-back guarantee if unsatisfied with the panels. Visit the website to start customizing the PVC panels to your required lengths.


Is moldy car wash bay walls stressing you out? Switch to PVC wall panels for a permanent solution.

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