Looking For Alternative To Camscanner? FOLDI – Manage Your documents


04 September 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – Foldi enables its users to scan, file and share documents in a more easy and convenient way. We all have these moments where we are searching for document in our email or whatsapp images gallery and think to ourselves: Where did I place it ?

Introducing FOLDI An easy-to-use and easy-to-use application developed to make your life easier for managing everyday documents. With FOLDI, you can scan or import documents, file them into custom categories and share easily and quickly in a variety of different ways such as email, whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, Skype and more.

FOLDI developers have already made the thinking to their users with a built-in a variety of categories such as: work, study, payments, travel, cars, medicine and more. Under each category, there are folders that are relevant to that category. FOLDI also allows users to create new categories and folders according to user needs and customization.

Where are the documents kept?

All documents are stored on the device and can be backed up to Google Drive or iCLOUD of your choice.

What about privacy?

if you are the only person that can access to your smartphone, you will be the only one who can watch the document, since the documents are saved on the phone or your personal cloud (if you back up the data).

What is FOLDI better than the competition?

1. It has built-in categories and folders in a variety of areas

2. It allows you to create/edit custom categories and folders

3. It enables backup in one of the free backup services like GOOGLE DRIVE and iCLOUD

4. Privacy code can be set at app logon

5. Usability and UI higher than competitors

6. importing backup files if your smartphone is damaged, lost or stolen

And bottom line – it’s free of charge

It’s about time to manage your documents on mobile in a more efficient way.

It is available in both play store and iTunes – search for Foldi.




Foldi enables its users to scan, file and share documents in a more easy and convenient way.

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