California Entertainment Insurance Brokerage Discusses Production Insurance

September 14, 2021 ( PR Submission Site )

Los Angeles, California (prsubmissionsite) August 5, 2020 – MFE Insurance, a California entertainment insurance brokerage, recently created a blog discussing whether or not production insurance covers canceled film shoots. A canceled shoot can be a costly event, making it important to carry proper insurances coverage to help you make any necessary payments that may help you evade a complete cancellation.

Cancellations are stressful, whether you made the decision yourself or were forced to do so because of circumstances outside your control. No matter the situation, it’s important to remain calm and professional. Your crew may be looking to you for direction, and your clear thinking can prevent future damage. The right insurance policies can help you cover a canceled shoot or help you avoid one entirely by giving you the funds you need to cover unexpected costs and continue filming on schedule, instead of being forced to shut down production.

When purchasing production insurance, carefully review your options to ensure important people and equipment are protected. You should ensure any crew members or employees working with you so that, in the event of injury, their medical bills and even lost wages will be covered. Insuring production equipment is also essential; If your equipment breaks, repairs or replacement costs can derail your project. With insurances, you’ll be able to make the necessary purchases quickly. Your insurance can also help you pay for lawsuits related to your shoot, including the costs of legal fees and any damages awarded in court. Shoots that operate without insurance risk costing you and your production company a significant amount of money, leaving you in financial distress if you’re unable to pay your expenses.

Speak to the brokers at MFE Insurance for more information about production insurances and how the brokerage can support your film production. MFE’s experienced brokers can help you construct a customized insurance package designed to protect your investment no matter the length of your shoot, from one-day coverage for short projects to protection for a year’s worth of videos, films, and more. To determine which type of insurances is best for you, call MFE Insurance directly at 213-226-7990 or contact them through the firm’s website, MFE Insurance is headquartered at 811 W. 7th Street, Los Angeles, CA 90017 and provides insurances to event and production operators across the country.



MFE Insurance, a California entertainment insurance brokerage, recently created a blog discussing whether or not production insurance covers canceled film shoots.

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