420 CBD Marketing Offers Marijuana SEO To Help Businesses Explore Marketing Opportunities

420 CBD Marketing

Bethel Park, PA 30 july, 2019 ( PR Submission Site ) – As more and more states legalize marijuana, sellers and distributors are opening up businesses and looking for opportunities to market cannabis. While the legal grounds for production is fairly clear, there’s still a lot of confusion surrounding marijuana marketing.

According to a spokesperson for 420 CBD Marketing, “420 CBD Marketing offers a wide selection of tools and tactics, all of which can be used to help businesses improve their cannabis marketing efforts and reach potential customers. Our clients are primarily dispensaries, retail stores, and doctors looking to improve their businesses and customer bases. We can find the right CBD keywords, build a brand using social media, track Google analytics data, generate more leads, grow sales, and more.”

Marijuana marketing is a highly-regulated and competitive industry. Law-abiding businesses have to find ways to navigate restrictions while advertising their products and services. CBD ads on Facebook and other social media platforms are tricky as well. “We can come up with out-of-the-box ideas that’ll not only build credibility but trustworthiness and sales as well. Our expert social media marketers know very well the rules for marketing cannabis on various social media platforms. They’ll ensure a client’s marketing initiatives follow the law to the letter while still creating a buzz around the client’s products and services.”

Besides digital marketing and social media promotions, SEO is another important investment used to bring organic traffic to a client’s website. Competition analysis, link building, fixing on-page SEO issues, improving website content and design, mobile optimization, and link building are all aspects of a solid SEO strategy.

With so much time and money invested in marketing, it’s only natural for businesses to measure campaign results. “At 420 CBD Marketing, we track and compare individual campaigns so clients know which strategies are working and which ones need to be shelved. Our tools can identify how many people have visited a client’s site, how many people have reviewed or shared an update, and how many times page-viewers have left without interacting.”

About 420 CBD Marketing :

420 CBD Marketing is a team of experts offering digital marketing strategies, SEO guidance, and social media marketing for marijuana businesses. Their cannabis marketing services include keyword research, brand promotion, analysis tracking, and more.

For more information on cannabis marketing, visit https://420cbdmarketing.com/


Businesses looking to navigate the complexities and regulations surrounding cannabis marketing can now receive assistance from 420 CBD Marketing.

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