BTS Fabrications Ltd Works Towards A 4-day Working Week!

bts fabrications ltd aims a 4 day working week
October 31, 2022 ( PR Submission Site )

BTS Fabrications Ltd have condensed their working hours in a step towards embracing the four-day working week. We’re delighted to announce we’ve moved towards a 4-day working week, without our employees’ pay being affected.

The new working agenda has taken six months to plan and enforce after the topic of a 4-day working week was discussed at one of our committee meetings, where a handful of BTS team members made suggestions to improve employee satisfaction.

Michael Butterworth, project coordinator and committee member, said:

“I think it’s great. It’s a sign that we are working for a progressive company that values and trusts its employees.

“It gives the whole team an opportunity to plan appointments without eating into working hours, and it’s ideal if you’d like to go away for the weekend as we’re able to leave early on Friday.

“It’s just good for the work-life balance. The whole team is feeling positive, and we can’t wait to see more flexibility in the future.”

The new contracted hours mean our office staff will now have the opportunity to leave at 1 pm on Friday, due to our flexible working policy, while the operational departments’ reduced hours will be factored in on a rota basis.

Nigel Freeman, our operations director, and head of the committee has managed and enforced the reduced hours, and is responsible for evaluating the impact on productivity.

He said: “I’m committed to modernising our working practices to make sure the team has the best possible experience at BTS.

“If the new working pattern proves to be a success and does not hinder the productivity of each team, and all targets are met, it will prove we can move towards an 8-day fortnight.

“We’re already working on productivity improvements for each department and are taking steps to take out nonvalue added activity within the organisation using project management styles like the LEAN principles.”

Nigel was appointed in February to improve our efficiency, and since joining, the team on the factory floor have been hitting target consistently.

Phil Atkinson, Managing Director, says he wants to do what he can to make BTS an attractive place to work, and wants existing staff to enjoy being here.

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after you,” he said.

I have a lot of faith that this new working pattern will see great success based on how hard my team works, along with studies about increased productivity in a shorter week.

“I would love to think that we’re leading the way for the North East in becoming a modern business that puts its staff first.”

The trial will be evaluated at the end of this year, and senior members of the team, including the BTS committee, will decide how to move further toward the shorter working week.

For more information, please contact Phil Atkinson, on 01388 816883.

Or email him at

Address – Unit 7, Woodham Road, Aycliffe Business Park, Newton Aycliffe, County Durham, DL5 6HT


BTS are making progress towards the four-day working week!

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