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Fox in a Box London

(prsubmissionsite) April 22th, 2020 Fox in a Box London (https://www.foxinaboxlondon.uk/) is thrilled to offer a selection of the best escape rooms London everyone will surely enjoy. With such offers, this company aims to provide players with an immersive experience that encourages great teamwork and effective problem-solving.

As part of their offers, Fox in a Box London presents their Prison Break escape room, where participants get to play as prisoners in a maximum security jail. Each player will have to find a way to successfully escape the prison and be free. For groups with more than six players, this company offers the Prison: Head-To-Head game. Here, players can split into two groups and compete with each other on who will escape the jail first. This head-to-head game can accommodate a maximum of 12 players.

Another great escape room offered by Fox in a Box London is the Bunker. In this game, players get to experience living as teams of special agents in the early 80’s, during the Cold War. Players will have to investigate and determine the one responsible for the nuclear launch sequence and prevent the launch from taking place. For those who don’t want to play as agents but want to experience how it is to be captured by a serial killer, the Zodiac Killer escape room is the one to enter. Players of this game must find a way to escape their dangerous captor who commits crimes like the infamous Zodiac Killer.

Fox in a Box London isn’t just committed to providing individuals with an amazing gaming experience but also learning and cognitive experiences. With their escape rooms, they assure that players will have a lot of fun while enhancing their intelligence and survival skills.

As a special offer, this company happily caters to team building arrangements. They assure every interested organisation that will boost their team’s creativity, problem-solving skills, and even playfulness. According to this company, “Fox in a Box London has partnered with AKD Solutions, an international learning and development consultancy to provide a range of leading and development solutions, using escape rooms. These packages allow your colleagues to have a great experience coupled with great facilitation and learning”.

To find out more about Fox in a Box London, just head to their website at https://www.foxinaboxlondon.uk/.

About Fox in a Box London

Fox in a Box London specialises in fun and highly interactive gameplay through their fantastic escape rooms. Whether you want to experience getting locked up in a maximum-security prison or escaping from the hands of a serial killer, this company has the right escape room for you. To get in touch with them, call 02038765610 or email them via info@foxinaboxlondon.uk. Alternatively, you can fill out the contact form on their website, https://www.foxinaboxlondon.uk/.


Fox in a Box London specialises in fun and highly interactive gameplay through their fantastic escape rooms.

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